Friday, March 14, 2014

Lucky Julep Mystery Boxes

Julep recently offered 4 new mystery boxes called Lucky mystery box. All four of the boxes are priced at $24.99. Three of the four boxes contained new green colors with a guaranteed value of $100 worth of nail and beauty products in each box. The fourth box is 100% mystery and contains $100 worth of nail and beauty products. When you buy a mystery box from Julep they also have what's called a mystery add-on. This time they offered two. The first one is lucky mystery add-on for $9.99 with a $42 value. The second one is major mystery add-on for $19.99 with a $63 value. Also this month one lucky winner would win an ipad mini.

I don't even know why I purchased these. I have way too much nail polish right now and I was sure to get some dupes, but the greens were so pretty I couldn't help myself. I think I have a problem.....

This is Aislinn Boho Glam box. I've seen the neon dips before but wasn't really sure what they were.

Here are the colors from the Aislinn box. Aislinn, Tatiana, Jennifer, Kennedy, Tracy.

Aislinn Mystery Box Contents:

Neon Dips. Value = $12.00

Mint Condition Pedi Cream. Value = $20.00/$16.00

Aislinn, Boho Glam, and edgy black with green glitter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Tatiana, Boho Glam, Golden burnt orange microglitter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Jennifer, Classic with a Twist, Sheer soft pink creme. Value = $14.00/$6.99

Kennedy, Classic with a Twist, Khaki creme. Value = $14.00/$3.99

Tracy, It Girl, Sparkly ocean blue sea salt finish. Value = $14.00/$11.20

The total retail value of the Aislinn mystery box is $102.00 or maven price $72.58. The neon dips aren't available anymore but $12 was the retail price when they were. Three of the colors are dupes for me. 

This is the 100% mystery box. Ursula, Olivia, Diane, Jodie, Missy, Audrey, Shenae, Reece.

The 100% mystery box contents:

Ursula, Bombshell, blackest, black creme crackle. Value = $14.00/$2.99

Olivia, Classic with a Twist, rich and graceful, dark truffle chocolate creme. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Diane, It Girl, Dark forest green creme. Value = $14.00/$6.99

Jodie, Classic with a Twist, Rosy mauve with gold shimmer. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Missy, It Girl, Titanium Metallic. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Audrey, Classic with a Twist, Soft light pink micro-shimmer. Value = $14.00/$7.99

Shenae, It Girl, Pastel mint green opalescent shimmer. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Reece, It Girl, Holographic Shimmer, Value = $14.00/$11.20

The total value of the 100% mystery box is $112.00 or maven price is $73.97. I think four of five of these are dupes for me.

This is the Shannon mystery box. The hand scrub is actually a really nice exfoliator. 

Polish from the Shannon mystery box. Kennedy, Shannon, Tatiana, Fiore, Blakely, and Sabrina. 

The Shannon mystery box contents:

Glycolic Hand Scrub. Value = $23.00/$18.40

Kennedy, Classic with a Twist, Khaki creme. Value = $14.00/$3.99

Shannon, It Girl, Pale minty silk. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Tatiana, Boho Glam, Golden burnt orange microglitter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Fiore, It Girl, Espresso brown créme. Value - $14.00/$11.20

Blakely, Bombshell, Purple and green molten. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Sabrina, Classic with a Twist, zesty orange shimmer crackle. Value = $14.00/$2.99

The total value of the Shannon mystery box is $107.00 or $70.98 maven price. I was disappointed that two of the colors in this box were also in the Aislinn box. The way I read the descriptions was there wouldn't be any overlap between the boxes. 

The Taryn mystery box. 

The nail polish, Taryn, Tatiana, Dahlia, and Brielle. 

The Taryn mystery box contents:

Mint Condition Pedi Cream. Value = $20.00/$16.00

Neon Dips. Value = $12.00

Lengthening mascara in brown. Value = $24.00/$12.99

Taryn, It Girl, A Deep Sea Holographic Gliter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Tatiana, Boho Glam, Golden burnt orange microglitter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Dahlia, Boho Glam, Goldenrod Microglitter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Brielle, Bombshell, Deep Autumn Orange Créme. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Total total value of the Taryn mystery box is $112.00 or $85.79 maven price. Another Tatiana? Really? I like the color and all but geez! More neon dips? I was looking at Dahlia the other day online so I was glad to see this in the box.  

This is the lucky mystery add on. Grace, Rose, Sienna.

Lucky mystery add-on contents:

Grace, Classic with a Twist, Classic go-to light pink sheer. Value = $14.00/$6.99

Rose, Classic with a Twist, A juicy watermelon red creme. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Sienna, Classic with a Twist, Sophisticated shimmery gold. Value = $14.00/$11.20

The total value of the lucky mystery add-on is $42.00 or $29.39 with maven pricing. The only color I don't have out of this one is Grace. 

This is the major mystery add-on. Clara, Nicolette, Alaina, Char and Freedom Top Coat.

Major Mystery add-on contents:

Clara, It Girl, opaque peach creme. Value = $14.00/$4.99

Nicolette, Bombshell, opaque french white. Value = $14.00/$3.99

Alaina, Classic with a Twist, Driftwood taupe creme. Value = $14.00/$6.99

Char, It Girl, Nautical navy blue creme. Value = $14.00/$6.99

Freedom Top-coat mini. Value = $9.00/$5.83?

The total value of the major mystery add-on is $65.00 or $28.79 maven pricing. I can't remember if I have Clara or Nicolette. I used Alaina last week and although it looks plain it's gorgeous on

Verdict: For all four boxes and both mystery add-ons the total was $129.94. The regular retail value is $540 and the maven price is $361.50. There were quite a few dupes and products I wouldn't have bought so minus those items the value for me is $135.35 which is close to what I paid. So I would say the mystery boxes are a great value if you don't have a lot of colors already. 


  1. These are exactly the boxes I was considering - I ended up with just the Aislinn box, and I'm glad I got that one. Although 100% polish in the 100% mystery option is kind of awesome. Thank you for sharing - I haven't gotten my box yet, but I love spoilers! I can't help it!!

    1. If you are new to Julep the mystery boxes are a great deal. I think I'm at the point I'm getting too many dupes. They make great gifts though if you know someone who likes polish and they have polish in their name.

  2. I have way too much too but I keep ordering :(

    1. I agree! I ordered all three I hoping we don't get the same box again because I have most of those colors.

  3. I am new to Julep, do the mystery boxes, if you chose one, replace your monthly maven box, or do you still get that too?

    1. No, the mystery boxes do not replace your monthly maven boxes.

  4. I was pretty disappointed in this box--I got the Shannon one. Here is my review: Julep Lucky Mystery Box

    1. I would agree their boxes have been not so great lately. I liked it when the boxes were totally random and a total surprise.

  5. Your Major Mystery was slightly different than mine! Mine had Freedom, Alaina, Nicolette, Ingrid, and Adele.

    1. Ohhh I think yours is the first one I've heard of being different. ingrid is a nice color too

  6. This was such a great and comprehensive review of the mystery boxes!! Thank you so much. I always wonder about the things I didn't get, lol. Bookmarking your page right now!

    1. awww thanks! If my shopping addiction can help inform one person then I will shop on! Thanks for reading!