Sunday, February 16, 2014

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box

Julep recently offered 3 new mystery boxes called Cupid's mystery box. Each one had a theme and came with a new color. The first box is the Venus box for mani lovers. The second box is Lindy for makeup lovers. The third box is Aphrodite for pedi lovers. The names Venus, Lindy and Aphrodite are the names of the special color polishes that come with it. Each box was priced at $24.99 with a guaranteed value $75.00. Also one person would get a pair of 1 ct. tw diamond earrings. The guaranteed no duplicates if you ordered all 3 boxes. 

This is Venus, mani lover box. 

Venus, Mani Lovers Box Contents

Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. Value = $28.00/$22.40

Freedom Polymer Top Coat. Value = $18.00/$14.40

1 oz. Rock Star Hand Créme. Value = $6.67/$5.33

Nail File. Value = $5.00/$4.00

Bette, electric neon purple créme. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Madison, electric neon hot pink créme. Value = $14.00/$11.20

America, Sterling silver stars with shiny red and royal blue glitter. Value = $14.00/$2.99

Venus, pink quartz holographic chunky glitter top coat. Value = $14.00/$11.20

I went ahead and put both regular price and maven price just to see if the value matched $75 either way. The regular price of the Venus box is $113.67 and the maven price is $82.72. I just did a eDivv trade for the nail serum because I've been waiting to try it. It works pretty well and I carry it in my purse because dry cuticle dry me crazy and I end up picking at them. The freedom top coat looks great on but it seems my nail polish peels off when I use it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? The hand creme is great as well at the nail file (although I'm not sure it's worth $5 or even $4). Out of all the nail colors I received sadly I had them all except Venus. I will see if I can trade them or use them for gifts. 

This is Lindy, makeup lover box. 

Lindy, Makeup Lovers Box Contents

Sweep Eyeshadow Palette. Value = $24.00/$19.20

Blank Canvas Eye Primer. Value = $22.00/$17.60

Lengthening Mascara in Brown. Value = $24.00/$12.99

Rock Star hand créme. Value = $6.67/$5.33

Lindy, a carnation pink iridescent glitter glaze. Value = $14.00/$11.20

America, Sterling silver stars with shiny red and royal blue glitter. Value = $14.00/$2.99

Nan, Nantucket red créme. Value = $14.00/$2.99

The total value of this box is $118.00 regular and maven price is $72.30. The first thing I noticed was that America and rock star were in this box. Ummm I thought there wasn't going to be any duplicates between boxes? I was happy about the eyeshadow, honestly I didn't even know they had eyeshadow but the neutral shades are great. I also didn't know they had eye primer. I thought they only had face primer. I was excited about the mascara at first but then I noticed it was brown. There shouldn't be a huge difference between brown and black right? As for the nail polish colors the only one I already had is America so that worked out. 

This is Aphrodite pedi lovers box. 

Aphrodite, Pedi Lovers Box Contents

Mint Condition Pedi Créme. Value = $20.00/$16.00

Doublestep Foot Treatment. Value = $22.00/$17.60

Foot File. Value = $6.00/$4.80

Aphrodite, a rose with silver metallic micro glitter. Value = $14.00/$11.20

Claudette, smoky brick red crème. Value = $14.00/$4.99

Karen, peach bellini frost. Value = $14.00/$2.99

The total value of this box is $90.00 regular price and maven price is $57.58. The pedi créme will be good for the upcoming summer months. I already have several double steps but we are going on vacation soon so I might bring it just in case. The foot file I already have but I use it all the time in the shower so this will be a back up. Out of the nail colors only dupe is Karen.

Verdict: Overall I think they mystery boxes are still a great value if you don't own lots of Juleps already. I was kind of bummed they send two of the same items in two of the boxes after saying they wouldn't. I was also disappointed to see that polishes that are on sale were included in the boxes. I think whenever mystery boxes include sale items they should say that. 

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