Friday, February 7, 2014

House + Marché Box - Southern Nouveau

I've been hoping for a new and exciting subscription box. So I thought it was pretty cool when House+Marché contacted me and offered to send me a complimentary box to review. My next hope/wish is to win big the lottery. Here's hoping that that one comes true also.

House+Marché is a monthly box but it's not a subscription and it's actually not even a surprise. Their boxes also called "sets" are filled with small-batch foods from the Southeast. Each month they will announce what items will be in the box and you can choose whether or not to purchase it. They decided to do this because of the types of items they send in each box. The items are from small companies and many of those companies need time to fill large orders and want to guarantee freshness of their product. Makes sense to me. The price of the sets are $50 with $10 shipping for a total of $60.00. I'm not sure if the price will vary depending on what's being offered each month.

The good:

Support small business. It's always nice to support small companies. Plus sometimes it's nice knowing your food was made in small batches and not by some 3 ton machine.

Know what's coming: If you can't stand coffee and the box being offered is filled with all things coffee then you don't have to order it.

Info card: They aren't including an info card in the package because they don't want to pass the cost of printing onto the customer. Instead they will send an e-brochure with all the info about the products.

Subscription: This is not sent automatically. I think this is nice because it's a little pricey but I hope they send emails when new sets are released so I can check them out.

The not so good: 

Pricey: Yes the price is on the high side but it's not a monthly subscription. It will not be automatically sent and you know what's in the box before you buy it.

This is Southern Nouveau Box #1

This is an example of part of the e-brochure.

Contents of the box with retail value:

Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon Apple & Beer Jam from Waynesville, North Carolina. Value $11.25

Oliver Pluff & Company Pekoe Black Tea Blend from Charleston, South Carolina. Value = $12.00

PERC Coffee Kimel Estate AA from Savannah, Georgia. Value = $12.00

The Chocolate Lab Goat Milk Caramel Candy Bar from Savannah, Georgia. Value = $8.00 - This was good except I could taste the the goat's milk and I'm not a fan. 

The Chocolate Lab PERC Coffee Candy Bar from Savannah, Georgia. Value = $8.00 - This was so good. You could definitely taste the coffee but it wasn't too strong. I also like that there are two individually wrapped pieces in the box. 

The total value of this Southern Nouveau box is $51.25. Now I know it's $8.75 less than the price paid, but because these items are not readily available and they are what I would consider specialty items, I don't have an issue with the price difference. I have got to try that apple and beer jam soon. What a strange combination of flavors. I've love angry orchard beer. I'm hoping it tastes a little something like that. The chocolate, of course looks delicious. The coffee smells really good but it's whole beans and I don't have a grinder. I know, I know who doesn't have a grinder? I had one many years ago but it disappeared when we moved and I really haven't needed it so I never bought another one. 

Verdict: I was really happy with the items in this box. I'm really curious about the next box. Also I'm sure once I get the coffee ground it will be delicious. 

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