Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Try The World Box - Rio

Try the World is a new subscription box company with a focus on products from other parts of the world. This subscription box ships every 2 months. The box focuses mostly on food but will also contain some cultural gems. The cost of the box is $45 (shipping included) which is billed every 60 days. The website says no matter when you join you will receive the Paris box then Tokyo then Rio. This was a little confusing to me. I'm not sure I like this. What if you don't care about Tokyo but want to start with a Rio box. I think you should have the option of starting with the current box and buying past boxes if available.

This subscription is available to the US and Canada with an extra $25 shipping for Canada. 

The good:

Products: These are definitely items that can't be found at your local store.

Need a Gift: They offer gift subscriptions. You can buy a 3 month tour which consists of Paris, Tokyo and Rio shipped one box per month.

Travel without the cost: Ok so it's not exactly the same but you get to try some cool stuff.

Information: The enclosed info cards are really helpful.

The not so good:

Price: The price is on the high side but at least it's not monthly.

This is the box all the treasures come in. It's a two piece sturdy box than can be reused. 

Here are the contents of the Try the World Rio box.

Contents of the Try the World Paris Box:

Brazilian Gourmet Food

Predilecta, Goiabada. Value = $3.99 - This is a guava dessert. It is frequently eaten with cheese for used as a filling in empañada. 

Matte Leão, Mate Natural Tea. Value = $??

(2) Bananinha Paraibuna, Banana Candy. Value = $2.21 - This was interesting. It had a sugar like outside coating and it was a jelly like candy in consistency and brown in color. At first I didn't care for it but it grew on me and it was pretty good. 

Yoki, Japanese Style Peanuts. Value = $3.65 - I thought it was odd that Japanese food items were in a Brazilian themed box but then I read the info card. Apparently in 1907 the Brazilian and Japanese governments signed a treaty permitting Japanese migration to Brazil. Today, with 1.5 million people of Japanese decent, Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. Who knew??

(2) Yoki, Pacoquinha. Value = $1.39 - This is a sweet treat made with ground peanuts. 

Reserva De Minas, Jabuticaba Jams. Value = $6.82 - Jabuticaba is a fruit-bearing tree with a grape like fruit. I haven't tried this yet but I'm excited about it. 

Sococo, Shredded Coconut and Beijinho recipe. Value = $0.72 - Brazil is the 4th largest producer of coconut. The Beijinho is a little treat very popular at birthday parties.

Piraqué, Roladinho Goiaba. Value = $?? - These are guava filled biscuits

Brazilian Culture

(2) Senhor Do Bonfim, wish ribbons. - These are good lucky charms, each color having a different meaning. You wrap the wish ribbon around your wrist making 3 knots, making a wish for each knot tied. Once the wish ribbon falls off on it's own, it is believed that the 3 wishes will come tree. 

Rio Classic and Contemporary Playlist, the sounds of Rio streets.

Poem in Portuguese and English, The Girl from Ipanema

List of Brazilian Films, classic and contemporary favorites, 

Stamped Postcard with drawing of Christ the Redeemer on it.

Explore Rio Food and Drinks Tips.

Explore Rio Culture Tips on places to see. 

List of Classic and Recent Brazilian movies.

The total approximate value of this Try the World Rio box is $18.78 but I couldn't find prices of 2 of the items so I would add $5-$10 for those. I'm not sure about these boxes. I love the idea of them but boy the values sure are low. They send really nice color printed cards with tons of info about the contents of the box which I'm sure aren't cheap. Personally, I would rather have the info on plain paper and more product, or heck do like House+Marché (now called South Box) does and email it. I don't want them to discontinue the cards, they have some really interesting info on them. I thought the snacks were really interesting and not things I've ever seen before in any store so they truly are specialty items. The play lists the send are also interesting and fun to browse. Also one of these days I would like to go through and watch some of the movies on the movie lists they send. I think I will peruse netflix and see if any of them are in their database.

Try the World is holding a around the world giveaway. Enter to win a three city tours which includes boxes from Paris, Tokyo and Rio, a $140 value. Enter by clicking here.

Verdict: They have not said where the next destination is. I figure it won't ship until April so I have some time to think about continuing or not. 

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