Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jewelmint Brilliant Mystery Box

Recently Jewelmint announced their newest mystery box called the Brilliant Mystery Box. This box is still available and priced at $29.99. It is guaranteed to have a value of $120 with 4 jewelry pieces. I had a credit so I decided to order 2 of these boxes because if you spent $50 or more you got a free gift.

Once again I was shocked at how fast this box came. I ordered it on Thursday and it shipped the same day. It was on my doorstep Monday afternoon.  Jewelmint seems to be really on top of their shipping times.

This came grouped in one box so I'm not sure what items went with what. I can assume the two double sets of bracelets didn't go together but other than that I'm not sure. 

Contents of box with price on Jewelmint

Rush of Love Bracelet x2. Value = $29.99/ea.

Braided Bangle. Value = $12.99

Space Triangle Necklace. Value = $19.99

Midas Sun Earrings. Value = $29.99

Tan Pave Glam cuff x2. Value = $12.99

Silver Medusa Bracelet. Value = $29.99

Free Gift

New Kingdom Necklace. Value = $19.99

The total value of this mystery box is $198.91 and that includes the free gift. Ummm FAIL! I ordered 2 mystery boxes and they were guaranteed to have a value of $120.00 ea. which would make two boxes worth $240 NOT including the free gift. Half of the items I received are on sale which they never said they would be including sale items in the boxes. This happened to me last time and I posted about on their Facebook page and contacted customer service. They ended up giving me a credit for the difference which at that time was only about $10-$20 I think. This time the difference is $54-$62 depending on how you group the items. Not acceptable! Now with all that being said I like all the bracelets and the earrings but I'm not sure the necklaces are my style. I will have to play with those.

I will be contacting customer service this week. I tried contacting them yesterday morning but the wait time was 21 minutes and I was falling asleep on couch so I gave up.

**Update** I contacted customer service and at first they said there was nothing they could do since it's a mystery box and even though those items are on sale now at one time they were full price. I told them that was unacceptable so they offered me a $9.99 credit. I still thought that was unacceptable since I wasn't getting what was advertised so I told them that was still not ok and to go ahead and cancel my account. She verified my email for the cancel then made another offer of two pieces to make up for the difference. I actually debated this for a bit. I told her it wasn't about trying to get something "free" out of it I was just trying to get what was advertised. If they were going to include sale pieces then they should state that with the caveat that the value is based on regular full retail price even if they item is currently on sale. I also told her this had happened to me before. So after debating I took their offer since it was the value of what I was short and decided not to cancel my account. For future info though it look like mystery boxes may contain sale items so buyer beware. 

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