Friday, January 10, 2014

January Blush Beauty Mystery Box

Blush is a company that is associated with Dermstore and Blush offers a monthly mystery beauty box.  You can make a one time purchase for $34.95 or subscribe monthly for $24.95.  Both prices include shipping. It made absolutely no sense to me to pay $10 more when I could just cancel the subscription if I didn't like it.  Each month Blush says they will send a box full of products handpicked by their panel of beauty experts of mostly full size and some travel-size products worth at least $100.  The subscriptions are limited and sell out quickly.

I believe this subscription is available to the US only, they don't really say on their website. 

The good:

Price: If they continue to send great products with a value of at least $100 that's 4 times the value.

Want more: Since they have a retail website reordering is easy and all these products were easily found.

The not so good:

Price: This is one of the higher priced subscriptions but the products seem to be premium.

Skip: Their website is not user friendly.  I couldn't find an option to skip or cancel.

January Blush Mystery Beauty Box.

Contents of Blush box w/approximate retail price listed:

small sample Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Tokyo. Value = ??

FULL SIZE Osmosis Skincare Harmonized Water Digestive Health. Value = $30.00

.16 oz. Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call skin cream. Value = $7.62

FULL SIZE Klorane Hair Mask with Desert Date. Value = $24.00

FULL SIZE Glytone Hydrating Eye Cream. Value = $38.00

Pink Lé Edge Exfoliating Tool. Value = $26.00 - This little gadget is terrific! It's basically a sharp edge you rub against your skin but it works. I used it on my face and I could see the layer of dead skin come off and that was after I had washed my face! My face felt smooth and fresh afterwards. I also used it on my elbows and they came our smooth. This is a must have for me now. 

The total value of of this blush beauty box is a $125.62 plus a buck or two for the lip plumper. The Osmosis product is really interesting to me. The bottle says it will normalize bowel function, provide digestive relief and reduce bloating. I'm thinking is this like fiber in liquid form so I read the ingredient list of which there are only two. #1 Distilled Water #2 Multiple Vibrational Frequency Blends. What the heck is ingredient #2??? I did a little googling and confused myself even more. In my searches though I discovered lots of other blends they make that I wouldn't mind trying. I'm all about anything that keeps my hair looking good and hydrated since I color and bleach it every 8 weeks. I use face cream every night and currently I'm working my way through a jar of Juice Beauty which I am really liking. I will try the Goldfaden product when I'm done with that. The lip plumper is a nice color and I like that size because it's perfect purse size. 

Verdict: I am loving the exfoliating tool and all the other stuff is just a bonus. 

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