Friday, January 17, 2014

eDivv - Trade those products you don't want for ones you do!

All of you out there in cyber land know I get quite a few subscription boxes each month. It's pretty much inevitable that I am going to receive items that I don't or won't use. Usually I can trade them, sell them, gift them or give them away but sometimes they just pile up in the "to deal with later" box. Now there is a magical place in the internet world where you can trade your products for ones you really want. I was doing this before on forums like Facebook and Pinterest but this just puts it all in one place and makes it easier.

About a month ago I was contacted by eDivv to test out their new site. This is how it works. You set up account which currently can only be linked through Facebook. I'm not a fan of forced Facebook linking but I get why they do it. This is to prevent people from having more than one account and abusing the trade system. The good news is they don't post to your Facebook account or any other shenanigans like that. Once you sign up you can take pics of your unwanted items, fill out info about the product and post it. Voila! you have a "store". Love that new conditioner you got from Glossybox? Click on the "hair" tab and see if someone is trading it.

If someone sends you a trade but you don't like what they are offering then counter offer. I had someone offer me lipgloss which I wasn't into but I liked the facial cleanser they had so I countered, they accepted and we each had our products by the end of the week.

How does shipping work? You are responsible for shipping. I use paypal to ship everything which makes it really convenient. I package the item up, weigh the package on my food scale, enter the info into paypal, pay the shipping costs through my paypal account and print the label. Also if you use paypal you get a tracking number for free which I think it an extra 30 cents at the post office. If you're trading for a $3 lip balm then it's not really economical to pay $2 shipping but maybe that particular person has 3 items you want making it worthwhile.

So if you have un-loved products just sitting around look into eDivv. Don't let that hard earned money sit in a drawer. 

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