Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Holiday Special Edition Box

PopSugar Must Have Box decided to have a holiday edition box in addition to their Neiman Marcus box. I thought this was a good idea since the Neiman Marcus box was so expensive. This box is more than the regular box but has a promised value of over $200. The price of the holiday special edition box is $100 with shipping included.

Enjoy - why yes I think I will.

All the holiday special edition treasures.

This is the bracelet. I like it a lot. 

Must Have Fashion

Cuyana Alpaca Infinity Scarf. Value = $65.00

Erickson Beamon Rocks Blondie Stone Bangle. Value = $75.00?? - I love bangles that open as opposed to sliding on. This one is really pretty and is perfect for the holidays. 

Must Have Home

Lunares Cheese Paddle with Knife in White. Value = $69.00

Graphic Image 2014 Datebook. Value = $70.00

Must Have Beauty

Tokyomilk by Margot Elena Body Soufflé in Yesterday 21 Value = $40.00

Winks by Georgie False Lash Compact #1 La Cherie. Value = $28.00

Must Have Food

Fatty Sundays Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Value = $6.95 - yummy!

The total value of this Holiday Special Edition Box is $353.95. Not only is an incredible value it has some super fun stuff in it. I was hoping to get the darker scarf but now seeing the light colored one I'm happy I got this one. The boyfriend made plans to do something this Sunday and told me to dress warm. I think I will be very warm in my new alpaca infinity scarf! We eat cheese all the time and usually just put it on a plate but I may have to start using this cheese paddle. It seems like it would keep the cheese chilled just enough. I'm not sure the knife is useful though because it's not really a cheese knife.  When I first picked up the body soufflé the first thing I notice is how heavy the container is. It really is a beautiful square container and the body lotion smells nice also. I play around with false eyelashes every now and then and always have the problem of storage. This case is nice since there is a place for the lashes and glue. The datebook is really pretty and has some cool stuff in it like maps and reference but I just don't have any use for it. I'm totally digital now and have all my calendars online. I'm trying to think of who I can give it to that will use it. Time is critical though since the new year is right around the corner!

Verdict: I thought this years box was great! It has 7 items and if you divide that by 100 it's about $15 an item. Now I wouldn't pay $15 for the pretzels but I would definitely pay $15 for the scarf! 

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