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November Blue Apron Meal Delivery

I decided to give Blue Apron a try and I liked it so much I ordered another meal. There are lots of meal delivery services out there but only a handful deliver to California. Blue Apron (named after the blue aprons apprentice chefs in France used to wear) sends fresh ingredients to make 3 meals that will serve 2-6 people each week. This is how is works. Once you sign up you can choose to receive meat and fish or vegetarian dishes and you choose how many servings (2,4 or 6) you want for each dish. You will receive 3 meals per week with enough ingredients for the servings you request. The prices vary depending on what you order. For 2 people it's $59.94, 4 people is $119.88 and 6 people is $179.82 per week with shipping included. This works out to $9.99 per meal per person. It's less than going to a restaurant but more than going to the grocery store and getting the ingredients yourself. They send out the menus weekly and you can also log on to your account and skip deliveries up to 6 weeks in advance. I can't justify getting this every week so I look at our calendar to see what kind of week is coming up and if the menu looks good and it's a busy week I will keep that delivery. If it's a not much going on week, the menu isn't my thing or we are going to be out of town I skip the week. You could also just skip all the weeks listed and when they send out the menu you could unskip when they email the menus out. This way the chances of you being billed and receiving it when you really didn't want pretty much goes away.

The good:

Busy: This is great for busy people. The ingredients are fresh, on hand and the meals take on average 35 min to prepare.

Don't cook?: The included recipe cards are not only beautiful they have very easy to follow instructions complete with pictures.

Counting Calories: The calorie info is included and each meal is 500-700 per serving.

Ingredients: fresh ingredients from artisanal purveyors with an emphasis on sustainable practices

Need a specific delivery day: You can choose between Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and even Saturday delivery. Also the food is well packed on ice packs in an insulated box.

The not so good:

Price: It's a bit pricey but you're paying for convenience.

Organic, free range, grass fed: I couldn't find anywhere where these types of items were used. I also went to the Heritage Meat/Unger Meats website and although their product is very good I didn't see anywhere listed that it was grass fed or free range. I usually buy grass fed, free range meats because I do think it taste better and I feel better about eating it.

Chili-Rubbed Flat Iron Steaks with Quick Kimchi and Tomato Rice. The ingredients above and the finished product. This was enough for dinner for two.

Provençal Fish Stew with Toasted Baguette & Aioli.  This made two hearty bowls of stew.
The third entree was Pan-Seared Chicken Leg with purple smashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and warm bacon vinaigrette. I was in a hurry when I made it so I didn't take a picture of the ingredients or completed meal. 

Chili-Rubbed Flat Iron Steaks with Quick Kimchi and Tomato Rice - I really liked the kimchi and the tomato rice. I wasn't really enjoying the meat. I usually buy grass fed beef and I think I could really taste the difference and I didn't care for it much. 

Provençal Fish Stew with Toasted Baguette & Aioli - I really enjoyed this soup. The salmon was terrific and held up nicely in the soup. The aioli on the baguette was delicious.

Pan-Seared Chicken Leg with with Purple Smashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Warm Bacon Vinaigrette - This cooked up nicely. I love purple potatoes and of course bacon makes everything extra delicious. 

I'm not going to do a complete price breakdown like I did on my last review. I feel like there is value in these meals and they are working out great for those busy weeks. I logged into my account and skipped all weeks. When Blue Apron sends out the email with the menu information I can simply go back into my account and unskip. This works for me and I'm less likely to get a shipment I didn't want. 

Verdict: I'm enjoying the food and flexibility of this subscription. I may not use it every month but it will definitely be on my list. 

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