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Quarterly Co. - Food52

Quarterly Co. is a slightly different kind of subscription box company.  It's not a monthly adventure but it's quarterly.  The way it works is you pick a "contributor" you would like to receive a curated gift from anywhere from $50-$100 and every 3 months you will receive your item in the mail from them.  With each gift you receive the story behind it.  The curators consist of CEO's, authors, chefs, world travelers, business owners, etc.  Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs are the creators of Food 52.  I very much enjoy cooking and experimenting with new ingredients and flavors.  The description of this service read: "The best home cooking is a blend of the practical and the inventive. Which may be why, as avid home cooks, we love objects with utility as much as those with great beauty. We’ll be sending you packages filled with nifty items for your kitchen and table—no superfluous gadgets or gewgaws but things you’ll want to use and display for decades, until your children attempt to snag them for their first kitchens."  Sounded perfect for me. The cost of this box is $50.00 per quarter with shipping included.  They recently increased the price from $25 to $50 but said this will allow them to send better boxes.

This is available in the US only and ships from El Dorado Hills, Ca 

The good:

Variety: There are lots of different curators to choose from.

Something different: This is definitely different from other subscription companies

Commitment issues? Don't want to make a monthly commitment but still want a treasure?  You can get a quarterly treasure. 

The not so good:

Don't like waiting: If you don't like waiting this may be torture for you. 

Price: It used to be all subscriptions were $25.  Now they are $50-$100. I saw a picture of the box from Nina Garcia which is $100 and it had some fabulous stuff in it and well over $100 worth.

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

Happy Girl Kitchen Big Sur Marmalade. Value = $12.00

Oaktown Spice Shop Shichimi Togarashi spice. Value = $8.00

Ceramic Egg Carton. Value = $15.00

Set of 4 Spreaders. Value = $8.00

6 1/2" Lodge Skillet. Value = $11.95

Recipe for Merrill's Soft Scrambled Eggs

The value of this box is $54.95. I would say that's give or take a couple of dollars because I don't know where the spreaders are from. They say made in China but they seem pretty sturdy so I valued them at $2 each. I love cast iron skillets and admittedly I don't use the one I have nearly enough. I'm going to make a real effort to use this one though since it's small and perfect for eggs. I can't wait to try the Shichimi spice it sounds like something I would love. The flyer says you can use it on popcorn, fish, pork chops and even potato chips. The marmalade looks yummy. I organized my pantry last month and discovered I have lots of jams and whatnot that I haven't used yet. I think I may need to make some ebelskivers soon. I've actually seen the egg crate at Sur La Table and thought it was super cute but couldn't figure out what exactly I would do with it. They suggest using it to bring eggs to room temp when baking which makes your baked good more fluffy. I was thinking of keep hard boiled eggs in it so they don't get mixed in with the raw eggs. The spreaders are ok but I have something similar. I'm thinking of adding them to a gift basket maybe with some homemade bread and a jar of jam or marmalade. 

Verdict: This is a break even box but if you like kitchen items it's a fun box. 

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