Monday, November 18, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Special Edition Neiman Marcus Box

A couple of months ago PopSugar announced a collaboration with Neiman Marcus for a limited edition holiday box. Normally their limited edition boxes are priced at $100 but this one was a whopping $250!! They promised a value of at least $600 so depending on the products it could be a fantastic deal. I went ahead and splurged thinking I could get a couple of treasures for me and  a couple for Christmas gifts. My big box arrived last week and the first thing I noticed is that it was heavy.

All of their special edition boxes ship in a black heavy weight box. They are really nice boxes and I reuse them for storage. They also use silver tissue paper to make it more festive.

This is the product list.

Here are all my goodies! I was hoping for this color throw because it's more neutral and will go with everything. 

Here is a closeup of the eyeshadow palette and the necklace. The necklace is pretty but the first thing I noticed is how tiny it is. I put the pen up to it for reference. The little circle above the "love" is the diamond. 

Contents of the PopSugar Neiman Marcus box with approximate value:

Slim & Sage 9" Dinner Plates set of 4 in red. Value = $99.00

Cotton knit Chevron-Pattern Knit Throw in gray and white. Value = $195.00

Jonathan Adler Carnaby Zebra Stacking Dish in blue. Value = $25.00

Le Metier De Beaute Pretty in Punk PopSugar exclusive. Value = $95.00

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Value = $39.00

Neiman Marcus "Twist" White Fudge-covered corn snacks. Value = $19.00 - These are so addicting! They are like bugles with chocolate coating. 

Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine Luxury Scented Candle. Value = $34.00 - This is a really pretty candle but I'm not a huge fan of the pine scent. 

Shy by Sydney Evan Love Necklace 14k gold with bezel set diamond. Value = $125.00

The total value of this special edition box is $631.00. I absolutely love the red plates but they go with none of my other dishes. I will still use them though. I was also very happy that I got the gray and white throw but I'm sort of afraid to use it because I have 2 cats and a dog and pet hair is inevitable. I guess that's what a washing machine is for. The zebra dish is really cute and I'm thinking I want to gift it but I don't know anyone who is into zebras. I may just end up keeping this. I plan on gifting the candle it's really pretty but I'm not a fan of the scent. I think the necklace is super pretty but it's way too dainty for me. I'm thinking it might be a really cute gift for the teenager from her dad on Valentine's Day. I like the Le Metier De Beaute set but it says it's for eyes and I'm just not sure about using pink on my eyes. I love the two other colors though. I've never used the Oribe products but texturizing spray is something I use almost daily.

Instead of looking at the retail value I tried to look at each item as being 60% off and thinking would I buy it if I saw it for that price. Dishes, yes - throw, no - Zebra, no - makeup, no - hair product, maybe - corn snacks, yes - candle, maybe and necklace, yes. So kind of half and half. 

Verdict: This box was expensive but it did have some great items in it. I'm undecided if it's a deal or not because I wasn't looking for any of these items but if they were on sale I might have bought them. I still think some of them will make great gifts and anytime I can avoid the mall at during the holidays is a good thing!

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