Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Blissmo Box

The Blissmo box is a monthly subscription service geared toward organic & eco friendly products that are described as safer and better for you.  Each month they offer different boxes to choose from which vary based on themes or seasons. They offer various pricing for monthly 6 months subscriptions.  The base price is always $19.95 but for monthly subscriptions add $4.95 shipping ($24.90 a month) and for 6 months subscriptions the price is $19.95 with free shipping. The company advertises that you will receive between $19-$40 worth of items in your box.

Each month they send you an email with a choice of 2-3 boxes to pick from. My suggestion is to pick early because a couple of times they have ran out of the box I want. This month they had 2 choices but I went with the fall into flavor box because it sounded delicious.  

This subscription is available in the US only.

The good:

Like trying new things but not sure what to try? This is a good way to start trying new products without being overwhelmed or spending a bunch of money. 

Variety: They offer a selection of 2-3 different themed boxes. 

Pricing: It's not too bad for what you get. Most of the boxes are over the paid price and offer some really cool stuff. 

Information: They include a card with information about the company and their products.  Also on the card they list the value of each item received, I really appreciate this. 

Skip a month? Yes, now you can skip a month and you won't be charged. 

The not so good: 

Limited number of boxes: Sometimes they sell out 

Fall Into Flavor Box.

Contents of box with retail price listed:

Quinn Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Popcorn. Value = $4.99 - love this popcorn, I was very happy to see it. 

Lucy's mini oatmeal cookies. Value = $1.68 - crunchy cookies with a nice oatmeal flavor. 

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal. Value = $9.99

Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit Strip. Value = $0.69

Late July Sea Salt Tortilla Chips. Value = $1.50

NewTree Lime Granola chocolate. Value = $2.49 - I wish it were dark chocolate but it was still pretty good. I like the texture the granola added to it. 

Raw Snacks Blueberry Vanilla Snack Bar. Value = $3.95

One Hope Wines Gift Card. Value = $10.00 - Shipping to Ca. for one bottle of wine was $9.43 so basically it's free shipping. Wines start at $18.99 and half of all the proceeds go to charity. 

The total value of my box is $25.29 not including the gift card.  I remember getting the chia cereal in another box quite a a while ago but I can't remember if I liked it or not. I know I love the Quinn popcorn. The granola chocolate was really good. The raw snack bar looks really thick and healthy tasting, I hope I'm wrong.

Verdict: Blissmo box has a wide variety to choose from and if you don't see something you like just skip. 

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