Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hungry Globetrotter - Kim Chi A Go Go

Hungry Globetrotter has been around since last year but I just decided to try it. This used to be a bi-monthly (6 times a year) box but because the price is on the higher side they are switched to a quarterly subscription (4 times a year). With the new quarterly format the boxes will ship in August, November, February and May. Each quarter Hungry Globetrotter will send a box of non-perishable items like spices, sauces and grains. These items will be focused on international cuisines. They also include recipes using the products as well as a shopping list. The price of this box is $34.95 with shipping included.

This subscription is available in the US only.

The good:

Try new flavors: If you like trying new flavors and food then this is great.

Themes: This one is South Korea, Kimchee a Go Go.

Need a gift: You can send this as a gift for the foodie in your life.

Serves four: They design their kits with enough ingredients to serve four people. With the spices you will mostly likely have leftovers which isn't a bad thing.

Skip: They call it putting your account on hold, which is basically the same thing.

The not so good: 

Don't like to cook: If you don't like to cook then this isn't for you. This is really geared towards people who like to cook and some of the meals take time and effort.

Hungry Globetrotter Kim Chi a Go Go Box

Contents of box with approximate retail value:

Jayone Foods Korean BBQ Sauce/Marinade. Value = $4.18

Spicely Sesame Seeds. Value = $3.28

Whole Spice Napa Valley Korean Chili Flakes. Value = $6.00

SeaSnax Roasted Seaweed. Value = $1.19

Jayone Foods Fermented Red Pepper paste. Value = $5.27

The total value of this  box is $19.92. I am very happy with the products in this box but not with the value. The seaweed and sesame seeds are items I already have and I wasn't too excited about but the other stuff is great. I recently attended a culinary demo in Napa with Chef Roy Choi in which he showed us how to make a simple Korean bbq marinade. Now I have a feeling this bottled stuff isn't going to be anything close to his version but it's a good start. In my most recent Blue Apron box it had Korean Chili Flakes in it which I thought were really good. I don't like things too spicy so this bottle will last me awhile. I've never tried fermented red pepper paste but it says it's the new sriracha. If that's the case then this will last me a very long time.

Verdict: I'm glad I received this box because I'm going to enjoy the products but I'm not impressed with the value. This box is on the cancel list.

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