Monday, November 25, 2013

GrubBox - international snack food subscription box

Hey everyone I wanted to tell you about a new food subscription box that I heard about this weekend. GrubBox just went live this morning and their subscriptions are priced anywhere from $20-$59 per box.

What can you expect from GrubBox? I had the same question and this is what I found on their website: Each month GrubBox's team of Foodlords curate a collection of snacks that best represent each continent. Have you tried TimTams, Ketchup chips, Takis or Smash!?!?. Most popular mouthwatering snacks from Europe and Asia. 

You guys know I love my funky international snacks so this box is very much something I'm interested in. Lucky for me the generous people at GrubBox offered to send me a box free to review. I can't wait!!!

Grub Box Small

If GrubBox sounds like a box for you then click here and sign up now. They also offer gift subscriptions, just in time for the holidays!

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