Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September Eco Emi Box

Eco Emi is a monthly subscription service that sends a minimum of 5 eco-friendly/conscious products to your door for $15 a month w/shipping included.  The products range from beauty, household, food, etc.  They send a really nice variety of items including food, beauty etc. You get a little bit of everything. It's something everyone is your house could enjoy.  My Eco Emi boxes are always nicely packaged and stuffed full of treasures.

This subscription is available in the US only and ships from St. Peters, Missouri

The good:

Price: Eco-friendly product samples can be difficult to find.  I appreciate being able to try these products for a fraction of the price of purchasing full size. 

Eco-friendly: Every little bit helps

Variety: Not just beauty products.  You get food, home, drinks, etc.

Want more: Sometimes they have left over boxes that they sell after the subscriptions have been sent out.  The cost of these is $15 w/shipping included.  Kinda cool if you really like or know someone that would really like that months box. 

Skip a month:  You can put your account on pause if you want to skip.    

Information: They put a card in every box with information on the products as well as the price. 

The not so good:

Payment: You have to set up a recurring payment through PayPal.  I don't like this because PayPal makes you use your PayPal balance before they take money from your checking/credit card.  I like to save my PayPal balance for misc eBay purchases. 

 Contents of box with approximate retail price listed:

1 oz. Organic Peru La Florida Coffee by Cool Beans Perks Coffee.  Value = $1.06

Mint + Acai Whitening Gum by Vita Care. Value = $1.99

1 tube Organic Sweet Orange Deodorant by Only Nat Cheryl. Value = $1.97

All Purpose Healing Salve by The Natural Choice Apothecary. Value = $3.65

Ginger Peach Iced Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea. Value = $1.17

Cleansing Towelette by Desert Essence. Value = $1.06

Organic Mayan Riviera Honey Moisturizing Exfoliant by Zola Jae. Value = $2.99

Ochre, Juicy Orange Flavor Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals. Value = $1.75

Assorted Creme foundation by Lauren Brooke in neutral, cool and warm. Value = $4.00

The total value of  this box is approximately $19.64. This box was ok, nothing too exciting but some useful things. I'm glad the coffee is already ground and I think I will be able to use it with my work Keurig. The vitacare gum is ok, I find it doesn't last very long but has a good flavor. I don't having a use for the healing salve just yet, although the boyfriend has some rough spots on his hands from riding his motorcycle all day. The towelettes come in handy, I just throw them in my gym bag and if I'm going to run errands after the gym I can just freshen up a bit. I love exfoliating products so I'm sure I'll love the Zola Jae. I thought the lip gloss was really pretty and I was super happy to see they included a little applicator with it. The foundation is ok but I don't normally wear foundation. I thought it was nice that they included multiple shades though.

Verdict: This months box was a break even box in value but the products were cool. 

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