Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Bro Box

BroBox is a fairly new monthly subscription box. This box caters to the bro demographic sending the coolest products from awesome brands & expert craftsmen. The price of the box is $14.95 with shipping included. Each month they send code to take a survey on the box. If you take the survey you will get a code for $3 off the next months box. This will bring the box price to $11.99. I don't know how long they will be including the survey discount but I'll take it. 

The good:

Not recurring: I see this as good and bad. Good because you don't have to worry about canceling and bad because if you want it monthly you have to remember to order it each month

Need a gift: You can send a BroBox to the bro is your life. 

Not just for bros: I noticed the items didn't have to be just for men. Woman could use them just as easily

The not so good: 

Price: The price is OK. I think I would like it more at $10 or $12.

BroBox stuff

Contents of box with approximate retail price: 

1.5 oz. Beanitos Original Black Bean with Sea Salt. Value = $0.90

Nurse Noni's Hangovers Suck. Value = $4.95

3 packs of Dude Wipes. Value = $0.32/ea.

2 bottles of Body Glove energy shot drinks. Value = $2.33/ea.

2 Firehouse Beef Sticks in mild and hot. Value = $0.95

BroBox drawstring bag. Value = $2.00

The total value of this BroBox is $15.37. I was actually pretty happy with this box. I wasn't happy that it arrived 3 weeks into October but I was happy with the contents. I like beanitos chips and the boyfriend loves beef jerky. The dude wipes are actually pretty handy to keep in my gym bag for a quick wipe down if I need to stop somewhere before going home. I haven't tried the energy drink but the boyfriend grabbed one before work on night. I'll have to remember to ask him how it was. The drawstring bag is ok. My trunk bag with my umbrellas and stuff is ripping so I might use this as a replacement. More hangover pills to take to Vegas. 

Verdict: The value is even with the price paid and I liked the products. 

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