Thursday, October 24, 2013

October SeasonsBox

SeasonsBox is a monthly subscription service focuses on lifestyle items of the current season.  SeasonsBox  contains 3-5 luxurious full size seasonal must-have products for your home, body and spirit. They used to offer multiple month subscriptions but now it's a month to month basis. If you subscribe on a month to month basis the price is $34.90 with shipping included. If you want to make a one-time purchase or gift a box the price is $39.95 with shipping included. They also offer the box to Canada for $44.90 and $49.95 with shipping included (in US dollars).

This subscription ships to US and Canada. 

The good:

Products: You get full size products and they send an email before shipment to let you know what's going to be in the box.  This is helpful if you want to skip.

Variety: It's not limited to beauty, health, food, etc.  There is a variety of items in each box.

Themes: I like the theme boxes. This one will focus on seasons, holidays or occasions.

Referral program: If you refer a friend you get $5 and they get an extra product in their first box.

The not so good:

Multiple month discounts: The used to offer discounts for multiple months but it looks like they have gone to a month to month basis. I had ordered a year when I signed up which will be up at the end of December.

Skip: They also used send a preview email and you could skip the month but it looks like that feature is gone as well.

Contents of SeasonsBox with approximate retail value:

Luci Loose Tea Infuser by Tea Forte. Value = $12.00

Dryad Tea loose Dry Court black tea. Value = $2.00

Molly Rose Vegan Pumpkin Cider Lip Balm. Value = $3.00

SomervilleSoapWorks Cider Spice Soap. Value = $1.00

The total value of this months box is $18.00. This is a very disappointing value however lasts months box was way high at $90 so of you got both boxes it evens out. If this were my first box I would be very upset at the value. I had purchased this subscription when it was new in January and had paid for the year which made it about $21 a month. So for me this isn't too bad but if you paid full price it's a huge difference. With all that being said I was happy to see the loose tea diffuser because I have lots of loose teas and I'm always misplacing my tea ball. I love pumpkin flavor stuff and I haven't tried the lip balm yet but it sounds yummy. The soap didn't have a real strong scent dry but I'm hoping once it's wet the spices will come out.

Verdict: My subscription runs out in December and I'm not sure I'm going to renew.

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