Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Little Black Bag

Once again LBB lured me into their web with a great deal I couldn't resist. If you opened a bag with a pair of shoes $49.95 or more you received a purse worth $50-$115. I checked the site to see if there were any shoes I liked and I actually found a pair. I don't like buying shoes online normally because I'm always afraid they won't fit and it will be a pain to return. The pair I picked though looked pretty basic so I didn't think I would have any issues.

The cost of the whole bag depends on what you open with. The shoes I opened with ended up costing $59.65 after my VIP discount, taxes and shipping.

Existing members are automatically VIP members. The basics of the VIP memberships is that you are charged $9.95 a month which you can put towards a bag or save your credits and open a bag when you're ready. If you don't want to be charged just be sure and skip by the 5th of every month. If you do end up getting charged they money just sits in your account until you are ready to use it.

Shipping is $5.95 in the US except Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO and Puerto Rico is $11.95 and Canada is $15.95.

The good: 

Like to shop? It's fun looking though the gallery and picking out treasures. I have found trading to be slow but I heard it's busier around the 1st of the month. I didn't really find that to be true.    

The value:  Your bag is guaranteed to be worth more than you paid.    

The brands. The brands range from very well known to not so well known with price ranges to match and they are always adding more.  Also they add new products a few times a week.       

Multiple treasures:  You can score multiple treasures and use them for gifts at a fraction of the cost. 

Variety. They have handbags, sunglasses, cell phone cases, iPad cases, earrings, wallets, nail polish, home items, etc.  You will find something you like. 

The price:  Depending on what you open your bag with the price is very fair.

Received your items but didn't like it:  LBB will let you return the item for an exchange or refund.  

Referral program. They just changed their referral program so now when you refer people they get 25% off and you get a item worth $50 in your bag. What a great deal!

The not so good:

Pictures: They show pictures of the items and list the sizes but I would like to see them on a model (real or fake) to see the scale.  I have received a couple of pairs of earrings that were bigger than I thought they were going to be.   

Want more, more more?:  For now you can only open one bag at a time however there is no limit to the number of bag you can open.  

These are the shoes I picked. cute huh? This is the screen that shows you what you will get. You aren't committed to buy yet until you go to the checkout page.

This page shows you the total and everything that will be in your bag. In addition to the VIP gift I also got a referral item. Thanks Misty P.!

Here is my bag. The shoes I picked, a pretty cool purse as a VIP gift, diffuser and candle set, 

the pine cone necklace and my referral item (Thanks Misty P.!)

Now here's what I ended up with! 

I have been wanting this bracelet for months. I was finally able to trade for it!

All my Little Black Bag Treasures with retail price listed:

OTBT Park City Flats. Value = $79.00 - These are cute but if you look closely they aren't the ones I picked. I was sent the wrong ones.

Big Buddha Embossed Tote. Value = $90.00 - I'm undecided on this. I like it but it's far from my normal style. 

Amrita Singh Leaf Earrings. Value = $50.00 - These are pretty but way too big for me. I should've kept the pearl ones. 

Bundle of 3 Dye Ties Headbands. Value = $12.00 - always useful

Lydell NYC Wings Cuff. Value = $24.00 - love, love, love this bracelet!

Me Too Owl Stud Earrings. Value = $14.00 - I traded for these because I think they will make a great gift and I already have someone in mind. 

The total value of this bag is $219.00 or $269.00 if you don't include the referral item (Thanks Misty P.) I am so bummed that I was sent the wrong shoes! I was really looking forward to them, they looked so cute. I called LBB and was told to send a pic of the shoes and they would email me back and let me know if the ones I ordered were in stock or not. I've heard lots of people talking about issues with not getting the right items or stuff being out of stock since they moved their warehouse. Turns out in the move someone mixed up their inventory and marked things in stock when they should have been marked out of stock and vice versa.

After a 8 days I still hadn't heard anything back from LBB about my shoes. I sent them another emailing and I got a response right away. The offered the exchange the shoes and send me the correct pair without having to send the other pair back. I eagerly awaited my shoes and they day they came I opened the box only to find they sent the wrong shoes again! Can you believe it. I called LBB again and this time they said the shoes I was suppose to get were out of stock and they could send me something else or process an exchange and I can pick something from the exchange gallery. They let me keep both pairs of the wrong shoes they sent me which are cute but I don't really need two pairs of the same shoe. There may be a shoe giveaway in the near future.

Verdict: The big warehouse move seems to have caused some major issues with shipping. I hope they get this straightened out soon or else they may lose lots of customers and money. 

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