Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall FabFitFun Box

FabFitFun is the newest celebrity endorsed subscription box to hit the market. This box is curated by Giuliana Rancic a co-host of E! News. I'll be honest I've heard her name before but I don't know anything about her so her curating didn't influence my decision to purchase but as you can see she puts together a great box!
This box is not a monthly subscription but quarterly meaning 4 times a year. Each season you will receive hand-picked, high-end and exclusive gifts including beauty, fashion and fitness products. The items are full sized and premium with a value of $120+. The cost of this box is $49.99 billed every 4 months.  This is the third FFF box.

This subscription in available in the US only and ships from Los Angeles, Ca. 

The good:

The Products: You will receive mostly full size and premium products in each box and not just beauty items.

The Brands: They send well known premium brands

Quarterly: This is nice because monthly boxes can cause overload.

The not so good:

Price: The price is a sticker shock, but it's only 4 times a year as opposed to monthly.

Fall FabFitFun box. 

Contents of the second FabFitFun box with approximate retail price/value:

Gorjana Canary Scarf. Value = $57.00

Barre3 Standing Slim DVD and online program. Value = $19.95 and $15.00 for the 1 month online code.

Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palette in St. Tropez.  Value = $41.00

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn classic butter & sea salt. Value = $2.49

Mini Game Packs sample pack from Awkward Family Photos and Loaded Questions. Value = $1.00

Surface Trinity Protein Cream. Value = $26.99

SpaRitual nail polish in Spice of Life. Value = $12.00

Health Warrior Chia Bar in Apple Cinnamon. Value = $1.57

2 packs - 1 serving Drinkwel . Value = $5.00

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam. Value = $28.00

***Gift Card for $25.00 off Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial at a Bliss Spa. Value = $25.00

Bright Pink's Brighten UP card and Alert Sticker. Text PINK to 59227 for a monthly reminder to check your breasts.

I also received an extra in my box for a billing error. The error wasn't a big deal and they sent an email about it before I even knew there was an issue and said they would include and extra in the box for the trouble. I thought that was pretty nice

Orly FX nail polish in You Are Not Alone. Value = $10.00 - sooo sparkly and pretty!

The total value of the first FabFitFun box is $153.00 or $178.00 if you include the Bliss gift card. I didn't include the Orly polish because not everyone got one. I'm assuming it was my extra product because it wasn't on the list of included items. I should note that the Bliss cleansing foam wasn't in the box but I received an email saying it would ship separately and I received a shipping # from them today so I'm assuming it's the foam. I'm torn on the DVD. I've been wanting to check out the Barre workouts but I know myself and I don't like workout DVD's. I say I will do them but when I go to play it my finger does this weird thing where I find a movie to watch instead and I ended up sitting on the couch for two hours. The mini game pack was kind of meh - really it's just a sample of the board game. We eat popcorn frequently because we have a full size popcorn maker and can put all the naughty for you movie theater stuff in it. We will use the microwave bags though - we like to take those with us on vacation for popcorn in the room and we are going to Vegas next month. Speaking of Vegas I think I will take the Drinkwel stuff with me too. I don't plan on drinking to the point where I need this but I don't think anyone ever plans on drinking that much it just happens.

***My nearest Bliss Spa is 100 miles away so I'm not likely to use this. At the spa closest to me in San Francisco the price of the facial is $165.00. If anyone is interested in this gift card email me at and I will mail it to you. It's expires 12/31/13 and is not valid at Bliss DC, Bliss Boston, Bliss Fort Lauderdale or Bliss Atlanta Downtown. 

If you want to subscribe and get this Fall box use code LASTCHANCE for $5.00 off. 

Verdict: I wasn't as excited about this box as previous ones but it's still a pretty decent box. 

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