Monday, October 28, 2013

Blacksocks Sockscription Review

I was contacted by Blacksocks and offered to send me a pair of their socks free for a review. Everyone needs socks so of course I said yes. These socks are for men so I let the boyfriend give them a whirl.

Blacksocks are made in Italy but they ship from Switzerland. There are no extra fees for the international delivery. All taxes and fees are included in the subscription price. The have a variety of different types of socks including knee socks, calf socks and sneaker socks. The fabric ranges from cotton to cashmere and they have anything from blue to black to multi-colored. You pick what you want when you sign up. You can also pick how often you want the socks delivered. The price ranges anywhere from $9 a pair to $25 a pair depending on what type of socks you order.

The good: 

Hate to shop: A lot of guys don't like to shop so sock delivery might be perfect for them.

Need a Gift: There might be a guy in your life that would love to receive this as a gift.

Don't want socks: They also offer a subscription for tshirts, shirts and underwear.

Variety: The is a lot of variety in styles and colors.

The not so good:

Not sure - I would be curious to know how long the pair of classic socks last.

This is the classic black sock. The boyfriend said they felt good, they didn't slip or bunch. He thought they were thin and would be good with a pair of dress shoes providing you weren't doing a lot of walking. Basically he said they were ok for a basic pair of black socks and would pay between $8-$10 for them. 

Verdict: This would make a great gift. 

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