Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Sample Society by Beauty Bar

Sample Society by Beauty Bar is a monthly service for beauty products that promises 5 fresh deluxe sized samples from luxury brands designed for multiple uses.  You also receive a coupon each month for $15 off a $50 purchase from Beauty Bar and a 12 month subscription to Allure magazine.  The cost for this subscription is $15.00 a month.

The good:

The samples: You get deluxe sized samples from luxury brands.   

Magazine: You get a free 12 month subscription to Allure magazine.  If you already subscribe they will extend your subscription and if you don't want it you can mail in a form for a refund on the value ($12)

Coupon: They send you a coupon with each box for $15 off a $50 purchase. The catch is your order has to include at least one item from a brand you received that month.  It doesn't have to be the item you received just the same brand.

Referrals: If you refer someone to their site and they make a purchase the company donates up to $30 to charity.  I thought this was a nice gesture.  My referral code is pixiepower. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: There is no option to skip a month, only cancel.

September Sample Society Box.

Contents of box with approximate retail value.

Deepa Gurnani Marquise Flower Clip. Value = $40.00

.25 oz. Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. Value = $2.00

.5 oz. Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel. Value = $18.82

.17 oz. Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. Value = $13.27

.5 oz. L'Occitane Immortelle Prescious Face Cream. Value = $17.06

The total value of this box is $91.15.  The hair clips is absolutely beautiful but in my opinion it's not worth $40. I'm still happy to get it though cause I wear hair clips and its pretty. The rest of the items are meant to follow a little plan. You start with the Suki cleanser then exfoliate with the Elemental Herbology peel. Next you apply the Murad serum and follow it all up with the L'Occitane face cream. I thought that was a pretty clever little box they created. I probably won't use the items like this. I'm more likely to use them with my own little routine but I still think its cool. 

Verdict: great box this month!

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