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September PopSugar Must Have Box

The PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward many aspects of your lifestyle.  It includes, food, beauty, fashion, tech, and all kinds of other treasures. The price of the box is $35 a month w/shipping included.  They also have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and each one saves you a little bit of money.  PopSugar advertises that you will receive full size and premium items worth over $100 (based on the manufacturer MSRP at the time acquired by PopSugar).  The booklet they include has sections with product information on each item which is super cool.

This subscription is available in the US only and ships from Gilroy, Ca.  

The good: 

Products: Full size products as promised and a nice variety of beauty, home etc.  

Pricing structure: They have monthly, 3, 6 and yearly subscriptions.  Each one (except monthly) saves you a little bit of money.  

Referrals: The offer a generous referral program.  Refer 2 people get a month free.  5 people 3 months free and 10 people is 6 months free.  I've was super lucky and 10 people used my referral link so I got 6 months free way back when I first started subscribing.

The not so good:

The price: $35 is a little high for a monthly box but you do get some really cool stuff with a value of way more than $35

Skip a month: There is no option to skip, only cancel.

Max Referrals: They only reward you for the first 10 referrals. I think they're referral program is very generous but I would like to see something beyond 10 referrals. Maybe some type of point system or discount.

September PopSugar Must Have Box.

Colorful Looking Book

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

Must Have Home:
Barr-Co. Original Scent Reed. Value = $45.00

Rifle Paper Co. Coaster Set. Value = $16.00

Must Have Fashion:
P.S. - You're Invited by Erica Domesek. Value = $26.00

$25 Shoptiques Gift Card. Value = $10.00

Must Have Beauty:
Set of 5 Kitsch Headbands. Value = $12.00

Must Have Food:
That's It. Bar. Value = $1.50

Must Have Fitness:
Sharkies Energy Chews. Value = $2.00

The value of this box is $111.00.  I was thrilled to get the Barr-Co Reed item. We have a large walk in closet and I like to put the reed things in there to keep it smelling good. I check on the one I have in there and it's out so this came just in time. I love the idea of DIY but I just never actually do it. I will have to see if I have a crafty friend who would be interested in this. The coaster set is really pretty. It's one of those items that's almost too pretty to use. Every time I look at it I think it would make a great gift for the boyfriends mom. I valued the Shoptique card at $10 because they charge $15 shipping for orders up to $100. While the gift card is still a good deal if you use it on a $25 item you still have to pay $15 shipping. If you were going to shop there anyway then the $25 is a great value. I love hair ties but have never actually used the headband version. I hope they don't slip. The last time we got sharkies the boyfriend ate them all so I guess they were good.

Verdict: This PopSugar box wasn't the best box ever but it certainly wasn't the worst.

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