Friday, September 20, 2013

Jewelmint 10 piece Mystery Box

Jewelmint has another mystery box offering for those who love a mystery. This time they have 3 boxes to choose from; 3 piece, 5 piece and 10 piece. Here are the details the 3 piece box is $29.99 with a guaranteed value of $89.97, the 5 piece box is $49.99 with a guaranteed value of $149.95 and the 10 piece box is $79.99 with a guaranteed value of $299.90. All boxes will include a mystery promo code that will be emailed the week of 10/07/13 and some boxes may contain up to 20 pieces.

I had 2 credits from using the Jewelmint Revival Program* so I decided to go with the big 10 piece box since it would only cost me about $25 with tax.

*Jewelmint has a program they offer where they are looking for older pieces from the collection. You send them the piece and they issue you 2 credits. They have offered it the past 2 months and usually have 5-6 items listed. Right now it says they are not accepting submissions but the September list hasn't come out yet. If you're interested bookmark this site - Jewelmint Revival

Looks like Jewelmint has some new packaging. 

If you are interesting in any of the mints this was printed on the inside of the box. 
Here is my complete 10 piece box and a little bonus gift. 

Fair Lady Necklace, Silver Tribe Bangle, Giles and Brother Multi Spear Collar. 

Forever Glam Bracelet.

Getaway Flair Cuff and Giles and Brother Spear Cuff

Sherbert Glam Necklace and Braided Bangle. 

Serenade You earrings and Deco Pyramid Bracelet. 

Cute little metal bookmark as a surprise gift. 

Contents of box with price on Jewelmint

Fair Lady Necklace. Value = $29.99 - I love this necklace. 

Silver Tribe Bangle. Value = $19.99 - This is a great simple bracelet. It's perfect for layering. 

Studio Series Giles and Brother Multi Spear Collar. Value = $59.98 - At first I didn't care much for this but the more I look at it I think I actually like it. Now to try and find something to go with it. 

Forever Glam Bracelet. Value = $29.99 - This is so vintage looking to me. Not the colors but the style.

Getaway Flair Cuff. Value = $29.99 - This really isn't my color. 

Studio Series Giles and Brother Cuff. Value = $29.99 - This is super cute but it's very small and doesn't fit my wrists. 

Sherbert Glam Necklace. Value - $19.99 - I wish this had more weight to it but I absolutely love the colors and the way it looks. 

Braided Bangle. Value = $19.99 - Great Bangle. I love the colors and the accents. 

Serenade You Earrings. Value = $29.99 - These earrings are gorgeous but they are a little heavy. 

Deco Pyramid Bracelet. Value = $19.99 - This is kind of plain but I like it. I have a really cute black and white outfit that this would go with. 

The total value of this mystery box is $289.98. I was at first excited because of the Giles and Brothers items but then I noticed the four sale items. How could this possibly add up to the promised $299.90 value. Well it doesn't. The value fell about $10.01 short. Now here is the dilemma. Do I contact them or not. On one hand I got a great deal because I used credits but on the other hand they promised a certain value and they didn't deliver. What do you think?

Verdict: This mystery box had some great pieces and no duplicates!

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