Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Tasterie Box

Tasterie is a monthly subscription with a focus on foods and specifically healthy foods and foods that accommodate food allergies. They have two types of subscriptions. There is the signature box which is $25.00 a month with shipping included. The signature box has 6-8 healthy and safe foods as well as something to satisfy the sweet tooth. The snack box is $18.00 with shipping included and is packed with 6-8 yummy grab & go goodies. If you have a food allergy they have tons of options for you.

The types of boxes offered are:

dairy allergy
dairy & egg allergy
dairy & soy allergy
egg allergy
gluten & wheat allergy
gluten, wheat & dairy allergy
gluten & wheat allergy, vegan
nut allergy
soy allergy
vegan box
top 8 allergies
healthy & nutritious box

This subscription ships to the US only and ships from Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The good:

Food Allergy: There is bound to be a box for you with tasterie.

Skip: You can skip a month but you have to call or email.

Need a gift: You can gift a box to anyone.

Sizes: They send mostly full size items!

The not so good:

Value: ** Values aren't outstanding but you get the try some really interesting products. I'm ok with this but if you end up not eating or using some of the product it will be a loss.
This is the Tasterie Signature box.

Contents of the Tasterie box with approximate retail value/price:

.55lb. NoNuttin Blueberry Maple Granola. Value = $5.99 - This is really good, I love the blueberries in it.

8.9 oz. NoNuttin All Natural Granola in Vanilla Caramel. Value = $5.99

2 oz. Sunfood Superfood Organic Snack mix in Berry Adventure. Value = $3.33

(2) 1.7 oz. Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel baked corn. Value = $1.69/ea. - This is so good! The nice thing about it is just a little will satisfy your sweet tooth craving. 

2.2. oz. Kale Krunch Tarragon Dijon. Value = $5.99 - This was ok but I prefer just plain ol sea salted kale

1.63 oz. Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix in Beach Bash. Value = $1.22 - delicious!

3g. Eat Green Tea. Value = $1.00

1.12 oz. I.M Healthy Granola with Fruit. Value = $0.50

The total approximate value of this box is $27.40. I was disappointed to see three different bags of granola in this box. One can only eat so much granola. I was shocked at how good the Blueberry Maple Granola is. I think I like granola without nuts and more fruit. I was super excited that there were two bags of salted caramel since the boyfriend ate the last bag we got. Now we each have one. I have got to figure out what to do with all the green tea stuff. I know I can mix it in oatmeal but what else? Can I just pour water over it and make green tea?

Verdict: I thought this box had way too much granola in it but I did like the blueberry one. 

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