Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog DNA test.

As you guys know we recently added a new fur baby to our home. We adopted her from our local shelter and the question we always get asked it "What kind of dog is she?". We have had lots of input from the shelter employees, our animal control friends, our vet and strangers on the street. I decided to put the big question to rest once and for all and ordered a doggie DNA test. 

I did some research and found this test to be the most popular for accuracy and ease of use. You can purchase it from their website Wisdom Panel for $79.99 or through Amazon for $69.99. Of course I went through Amazon. 

I ordered the test on July 19th and send it back it later that following weekend. The package comes with a USPS priority mail return label. They send me an email on July 30th saying they received the package. I think I mailed it on the 26th or 29th. I received another email on August 9th saying my results were complete. From the time I mailed the package pack to getting the results it was just shy of two weeks. 

This is what the package looks like when you receive it. 

These are the swabs. You gently swab the inside of your dogs mouth with both of these.

Once you have done the swab you place them back in the box to dry for a minute or two. Once they are dry you place the back into the plastic package (don't seal it) and mail the whole thing back to the company. 

They send the results back via email in a PDF file. This is what the first page of the PDF looks like. 

This is page two of the PDF file. 

I thought the DNA test was easy and fun to do. We honestly had no idea what type of dog Maddie was and people always asked us. Having this information is a tremendous help in many ways. Now we can read up on her breed combos which will help with health and training issues that arise. It takes about 2 weeks from the time you mail the package to the company to get your results back. I think that is very reasonable. 

In the end our friend the animal control officer guessed it right first. She said Maddie had the personality of a Shiba Inu and thought for sure she had Shiba in her. Maddie was at the shelter for 3 months before coming to live with us. Can you believe no one adopted this sweet girl? Our friend is at the shelter often so she really got to know Maddie and the employees actually started using her as the behavior assessment dog. Since Maddie gets along with everyone and every animal they would use her to see how the incoming animals acted around dogs. They even let her run around on her own sometimes because she was so well behaved. 

No matter what breed she turned out to be we love her madly. 

 We went on a California coast road trip soon after adopting Maddie. These were taken on the 17-mile drive at Pebble Beach. She loved exploring and climbing on all the rocks. 

The boyfriend and Maddie walking on a pier in Santa Cruz. 

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  1. I'm so glad she's happy in her forever home! She's precious! :)