Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Julep Picnic Mystery Box big box.

This is the latest mystery box from Julep.  The theme of this box is picnic and it comes in two versions. The first version is the regular box which offers $50-$150 worth of product for $24.99. If you want more you can opt for the big picnic box which offers $120-$150 worth of products for $39.99. Both boxes include a new color called Evie and one lucky box will include a $1000 Visa gift card.

I opted for the big picnic box this time. I received Big Picnic Box Version 1
To order just click here and type in picnic mystery box in the product search field.

                               I received 7 polishes and the Paris Jazz trio lipstick. 

Vanessa, Bombshell, Opalescent glitter in a clear base. Value = $14.00

Annette, Bombshell, Light Dove Grey Creme. Value = $14.00

Dianna, Boho Glam, Mint Green Creme. Value = $14.00

Evie, Classic with a Twist, Fresh-Picked Raspberry Creme with Gold Shimmer. Value = $14.00

Catherine, Classic with a Twist, The Originial Classic, go-to red Creme. Value = $14.00

Maya, Classic with a Twist, Peachy Pink Seashell, like a Shimmering Pearl. Value = $14.00

Gloria, Bombshell, Coral Orange Creme. Value = $14.00

Paris Jazz trio lipstick. Value = $28.00

The total value of my boxes is $126.00.  I did receive a few dupes in this box but that's ok. I usually either, gift, trade or sell them for $7 so it all works out. This did prompt me to go through my nail polish though and I have way more than I thought and quite a few that haven't even been used. From this box I love Evie, Catherine and Maya (all thought I already have 2). 

Verdict: Of course I wish I would've won the gift card but I still got a great deal.  


  1. I got box 2. New York lip trio [got in the maven] and the some dupes. colors from my maven other mystery boxes. Only two were new colors [including the special one] I was kind of disappointed in this box. I was hoping for a more..variety

    1. I actually wish they would include more products like they used to. I have so many colors already but I like some of the hair and body products.

    2. I agree. I felt jipped that it was just the lipstick that we got we got couple months ago from the Maven subscription and nail polish. There wasn't even anything sweet in there! I usually look forward to either some sweets or nail file or toe separator.