Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Happy Dog Box

I just discovered a new box for the fur babies of the K-9 variety. It's called Happy Dog Box and its full of stuff that will make your dog happy. Happy Dog Box ships monthly and each box is filled with 4-6 American made gourmet dog treats, toys and other products. The products sent are things you won't typically find at big box pet stores. Also if your dog doesn't like anything in the box you can send it back for a full refund. The price of this monthly box is $29.99 a month with shipping included.

Right now Happy Dog Box is having a special where you can get your first box free just pay shipping and handling which I believe was $9.99. Just remember to cancel if you don't want to receive future boxes. 

This box is available in the US only. 

The good: 

American made: Yay! 

Need a gift: send a gift to your dog loving friends and family. 

Customized: the box is customized to your dogs age and size. 

Products: each box will contain at least 3 packages of gourmet dog treats. 

The not so good:

Skip: no option to skip a month

Price: $30 is a little high but they say they send gourmet American made products so it might be worth it. 

This is the shipping box. 

Maddie (and Gracie) sniffing out the goods. 

Maddie decided on the easily accessible bully stick as her first treat. She ate the whole thing!

Contents of box with retail price:

Barkworthies bully stick. Value = $3.68 - definitely a hit, kind of grosses me out though. 

Woofables Bakery handmade biscuits. Value = ?? - these are sold in bulk so I couldn't find a price 

Earth Rated Poop Bags (15) Value = $2.99 - you can never have too many poop bags. We have stashes all over the house, our cars, her go bag. Yes our dog has a go bag. It has bowls for food and water, poop bags and doggie wipes. 

Cloud Star Hip and Joint treats. Value = $6.95

Jump Your Bones Pet Treats kangaroo jerky  Value = $6.29 - how exotic. Maddie liked these. 

Jolly Pets Monster Mouth Dog Treat Dispensing Toy. Value = $5.99 - Maddie wasn't too into this. I will give it one more try and if she still doesn't like it we will send it off to the shelter. 

The total value of this box is $25.90 and add a few dollars for the biscuits. If you add the dog biscuits its about the same cost as the box. The items included are things that I havent seen at the Petco I shop at so that makes it a good deal. I had no idea kangaroo jerky even existed. Maddie seemed to like it. I thought the box had a nice variety of items. I wish it would've had a stuffed toy or a small ball because she seems to like those the most but hey if it's just one thing she doesn't like I'm ok with that. 

Verdict: I'm not subscribing right now because of the price.. They told me they will be offering discounts on multi month packages soon so I may reconsider then. 

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