Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Fancy Box - Coco Rocha

I'll be honest. I don't know anything about Coco Rocha except that she is a model and I only know that because I googled her name. I saw a couple of the previous boxes and thought they looked fun. Since I canceled the regular Fancy box I decided to give this one a try. Fancy Box has a variety of boxes to subscribe to included celebrity curated ones like this. The Fancy box is $39.00 plus $7.95 shipping.

This subscription is available worldwide and ships from Devens, Massachusetts.

The good:

Products: Fun mix of items curated by someone in the fashion/modeling business. 

Information: They include a nice card with the product information and picture.     

The not so good:

Skip: There is no option to skip a month, only cancel. 

Price: The price is a little high - unless of course it has great products and a high value.

These are the information cards that came in the box. 

All the treasures.

I love this wine glass, although it made me realize just how many calories are in my glass of wine.

Close up of the earrings. I like that they are made with a cause.

Contents of The Fancy Box with approximate retail price listed: 

Calorie Cuvee Calorie Counting Wine Glass. Value = $19.95

Team Coco Shirt. Value = $25.99

Sovanna Earrings by Senhoa. Value = $85.00

Duo Hair Chalk in Pink and Green. Value = $10.00

The total value of this fancy box is $140.94. I had received an email prior to getting my box asking for my shirt size. So I know a tshirt would be included in this box. I don't know how I feel about wearing a shirt with a big face plastered on the front though. I love the wine glass. I can imagine myself saying "hey honey can you pour me a glass of who cares." The earrings are a little bigger than I normally wear but I kind of like them. I have no idea what I will wear them with but maybe I'll shop my closet this week and put something together. I love, love, love the hair chalk. I have been wanting to try them for awhile but never actually bought any. I have some blond highlights in my hair so the pink should show up nicely!

Verdict. I really liked two of the four items and the earrings are growing on me. 

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  1. Don't forget to follow up with some hair spray afterwards to the hair chalk doesn't transfer to your clothing :)

    1. I hadn't even thought about that! Thank you so much. I would've been really upset to see pink and green chalk all over my clothes.