Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Tasterie Box

Tasterie is a monthly subscription with a focus on foods and specifically healthy foods and foods that accommodate food allergies. They have two types of subscriptions. There is the signature box which is $25.00 a month with shipping included. The signature box has 6-8 healthy and safe foods as well as something to satisfy the sweet tooth. The snack box is $18.00 with shipping included and is packed with 6-8 yummy grab & go goodies. If you have a food allergy they have tons of options for you. 

The types of boxes offered are:

dairy allergy
dairy & egg allergy
dairy & soy allergy
egg allergy
gluten & wheat allergy
gluten, wheat & dairy allergy
gluten & wheat allergy, vegan
nut allergy
soy allergy
vegan box
top 8 allergies
healthy & nutritious box

This subscription ships to the US only and ships from Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The good:

Food Allergy: There is bound to be a box for you with tasterie.

Skip: You can skip a month but you have to call or email.

Need a gift: You can gift a box to anyone.

Sizes: They send mostly full size items!

The not so good:

Value: ** Values aren't outstanding but you get the try some really interesting products. I'm ok with this but if you end up not eating or using some of the product it will be a loss.

All the Tasterie goodies! All items except the spice are full size!

I opened the mango snack and this is what it looked like. Interesting huh? The whole package is one serving.

Contents of the Tasterie box with approximate retail value/price:

Kale Krunch Southwest Ranch. Value = $5.99

Crispy Greens Crispy Pineapple. Value = $1.59 - The boyfriend ate this. He didn't say much about it except there wasn't much in the package.

Slow Cooker Gourmet Texas Panhandle Chuckwagon Chili Mix. Value = $5.50 - holy moly this was hot! I didn't have any sour cream so we had to ate shredded cheese to cool it down. 

Blake Hill Preserves Date and Red Chili Chutney. Value = $8.99

Matt's Munchies Island Mango dried fruit snack. Value = $2.00 - I really enjoyed this. I liked the coconut pieces in the mango.

.5 oz. Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk seasoning. Value = $0.61

coupon for $5 off 6 Farmstand Soup company dinner kits (shipping is $5 so basically it's a coupon for free shipping)

The total approximate value of this box is $24.68. This is what I would consider a break even box but I'm totally ok with that because I'm loving this box. Also if I had to order these items online I would have to pay shipping. I love me some dried kale and I'm sure I'm going to love this flavor. The dried mango snack was super tasty and it was fun to eat! I'm excited about the slow cooker chili mix. It's salt free and you can make it with tofu making it vegetarian. I might do that and not say anything to the boyfriend and see what he thinks. I'm not to sure about the chutney because I'm not a huge fan of dates or red chili's. The Dizzy Pig seasoning smells delicious but I hope it's not spicy.

**If you end up not using some of the items you could put them in a gift basket. The chutney would make a great gift for your entertaining friend and the chili mix would be great for people who don't have time to cook.

Verdict: I'm really liking this box. Can't wait to see what comes next month.

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