Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Hungry Globetrotter - Greek Isles Box

Hungry Globetrotter has been around since last year but I just decided to try it. This used to be a bi-monthly (6 times a year) box but because the price is on the higher side they are switched to a quarterly subscription (4 times a year). With the new quarterly format the boxes will ship in August, November, February and May. Each quarter Hungry Globetrotter will send a box of non-perishable items like spices, sauces and grains. These items will be focused on international cuisines. They also include recipes using the products as well as a shopping list.

The price of this subscription is $34.95 a month with shipping included. I happened upon a coupon so I paid $24.46 for this box.

This subscription is available in the US only.

The good:

Try new flavors: If you like trying new flavors and food then this is great.

Themes: Each box has an international theme. This one is Greek, August will be Spanish, Summer Paella Party, and November will be South Korea, Kimchee a Go Go.

Need a gift: You can send this as a gift for the foodie in your life.

Serves four: They design their kits with enough ingredients to serve four people. With the spices you will mostly likely have leftovers which isn't a bad thing.

Skip: They call it putting your account on hold, which is basically the same thing.
The not so good: 

Don't like to cook: If you don't like to cook then this isn't for you. This is really geared towards people who like to cook and some of the meals take time and effort.

Value: This is my first box so I don't know how the values are. I can say this one had a bad value vs. price paid.

This is the information booklet. It's tri-fold and the other sections have recipes and a shopping list.

Greek Treasures!

Contents of box with approximate retail value:

Taste of Crete Greek Olive Oil Cookies. Value = $3.99 - These were pretty good. They are crunchy and I swear I tasted ginger in it but there's no ginger.

Roland Greek Orzo. Value = $3.25

Crespo pitted Greek olives. Value = $1.25 

Vann's Greek Isle Seasoning. Value = $5.90

Spicely Organic Tzatziki spice. Value = $2.99

Spicely Organic Basil. Value = $2.99

Coupon for buy one box get one free from Crespo olives. - olives are $7.50 per box and shipping was $10-$12.

The total value of this  box is $20.37. If I paid the full regular price for this box I would be very unhappy, this is a $14.58 price difference in the value! I like that they include recipes using the ingredients. This box the main dish recipe is grilled lamb. I don't like lamb so I will try and find a substitute or just make something up on my own. I did notice that they also included a vegetarian version using Halloumi cheese. I've never had Halloumi cheese but I may have to give it a try, sounds interesting. The boyfriend already ate the olives which were supposed to go into the orzo salad. That's ok though because I don't like olives.

Verdict: This box has potential. I will give it one more try since they are changing their format a little.

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  1. I would be ticked. Nothing they sent was particularly exotic or hard to find on the grocery shelves. The recipe is pretty standard. When you save that much money buying it yourself you have to question what gives.

    1. I would agree these items (except the cookies) would be easy to find. I hoping their next box will be better otherwise I'm canceling.

  2. I felt like this was a bit crap. This box has gotten great reviews, but I've noticed the value's never been there. I expect it to least be close to the price, considering it is high. But I want to see what's gonna be in the Korean one

    1. I'm going to give it one more try for the August Spanish box but if they don't wow me I'm canceling. I signed up for another similar box call Taste Trunk, they are new and have 4 different boxes to choose from.