Monday, June 3, 2013

May Dumpling Box

Dumpling Box is a fairly new monthly subscription for Asian snacks. Sadly this is the last month of Dumpling Box. The included card this month read:

Dear dumplingbox Subscriber -

We are sad to announce that this will be the last box you receive from us.

We have had so much fun each month picking and choosing the different snacks to feature in each month's box, but more importantly we hope that you were able to try many new and unique Asian snacks from your dumplingbox. We believe that from the taste, texture and smell of the snacks, you are able to experience the different cultures and traditions from around the world. Our goal was to pack a little of the culture and tradition in each box and share it with you, We hope you will continue to be adventurous snack lovers and to help spread the word about Asian snacks!



The Last dumplingbox.
Contents of Dumpling box.

Almond Candy, China

Flower Kiss Candy, Japan  

Golden Fuji Vegetable Flavor Cracker, Hong Kong  

Kasugai Kiwi Gummy, Japan 

Milkita, Indonesia.  

Mimilo Lemon Cream Wafer

Orion Choco Pie, Vietnam

Sesame Cracker, China

I'm super sad to see dumplingbox go. This was a fun and different box that I really enjoyed. 

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  1. I'm a fan of Asian snacks, and I was planning on subscribing to Dumplingbox, so I'm sad to see them go =(