Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June PopSugar Box

The PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward many aspects of your lifestyle.  It includes, food, beauty, fashion, tech, and all kinds of other treasures. The price of the box is $35 a month w/shipping included.  They also have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and each one saves you a little bit of money.  PopSugar advertises that you will receive full size and premium items worth over $100 (based on the manufacturer MSRP at the time acquired by PopSugar).  The booklet they include has sections with product information on each item which is super cool.

This subscription is available in the US only and ships from Gilroy, Ca.  

The good: 

Products: Full size products as promised and a nice variety of beauty, home etc.  

Pricing structure: They have monthly, 3, 6 and yearly subscriptions.  Each one (except monthly) saves you a little bit of money.  

Referrals: The offer a generous referral program.  Refer 2 people get a month free.  5 people 3 months free and 10 people is 6 months free.  I've was super lucky and 10 people used my referral link so I got 6 months free.    

The not so good:

The price: $35 is a little high for a monthly box but you do get some really cool stuff with a value of way more than $35

Skip a month: There is no option to skip, only cancel.

June PopSugar Must Have Box.

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

Must Have Fashion
Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf. Value = $62.00

Gorjana & Griffin Gift Card for $25 off a purchase. Value = $25.00 - They do have items that are less than $30 but this can't be applied to shipping which for me started at $8.50.

Must Have Beauty
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair Moisturizer. Value = $65.00

Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair CC Cream in Natural Glow. Value = $3.90

Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair CC Cream in Warm Glow. Value = $3.90

Must Have Fitness
Hard Candy Fitness DVD 4 Addicted to Sweat Jaw Breaking Chair. Value = $19.95

Must Have Entertainment
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger. Value = $25.99

Must Have Food
Project 7 Quench The Thirsty Wintergreen Mints. Value = $1.79 - cute tasty little mint that supports a good cause.

Special Extra
Popcorn, Indiana Fit Popcorn. Value = $2.99 - This was actually pretty good and probably a whole bunch healthier than the popcorn we make using coconut oil in our popcorn machine.

The value of this box not including the gift card is $185.52. With the gift card less shipping it's $202.02. I was super excited to see the book in this box. I had seen a promo for it on some morning show last week and was really interested in reading it. I figured I would have to wait a bit so I could pick it up used for less. Now I don't have to wait AND I'm going on a beach vacation this month so I'm taking this with me! The scarf looks nice but I'm not sure about the orange color on it and I don't know what makes it worth $62.00. I'll have to shop my closet and see if I can make it work. The fitness DVD looks intimidating. I guess this is a workout routine that Madonna does. I'm wondering how the chair in incorporated. I only have high tables in my house, therefore I have tall chairs. I don't this will work with a tall chair. I'm also super excited about the Juice Beauty Moisturizer. It got amazing reviews and honestly I probably wouldn't spend $65.00 to try it so getting it in this box is fantastic!

Verdict: This PopSugar box was super!

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  1. Tried the workout, definitely NOT for tall chairs! Be warned it is seriously a jawbreaker workout.

    1. Thanks for the info. Now I'm scared to try it. It's probably a good thing I don't have the right chair!