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June Love with Food Box

Love with Food is a monthly subscription box filled with food.  Each month is a different theme and you will receive 5+ gourmet food items. The price is $10 plus $2 for shipping a month or you can sign up for a 6 month plan and shipping is only $1 or a yearly plan and shipping is free which makes the boxes an even $10. In addition to yummy treats for every box sold they donate a meal to a hungry child.

Love with Food has provided a code for $2.00 off for my readers.  Use code TREASUREVIP

This subscription is only available in the US and ships from Santa Clara, California. 

The good:

The price: $10-$12 is a reasonable price to pay for yummy treats AND you're donating a meal. 

Need a gift: You can send a 3 or 6 month subscription to a friend.  Who wouldn't love getting tasty treats in the mail?

Variety: You get a lot of variety in each box. 

Discounts: You can earn points for discounts off future full size product purchases by submitting reviews on their website or referring new members. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: Skipping is not an option.  If you don't want a box you will have to cancel. 

                   This months box theme is Summer Beach Bash. Also this month they donated not one but TWO meals to food banks in Oklahoma.

Contents of box with estimated value/retail price listed:

Seaweed Love Olive Oil Roasted Seaweed. Value = $1.19?? - I couldn't find any info on this brand but other brands I've purchase are about this price - I love seaweed and what I liked about this one was it wasn't overly salted or greasy.

Smooze Coconut + Mango Fruit Ice. Value = $1.31

Do More Bars Gluten-free Pineapple Coconut Cereal Bar. Value = $1.69 - words can't describe how delicious this is. It's like a pineapple flavored crispy treat only way better.

.5 oz. pkt. Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears. Value = $0.80 - these are always good, they are very fruity tasting

1.05 oz. Turbana Sweet Plantain Chips. Value = $1.05 - I didn't try these but the boyfriend said they were just ok

SoyJoy all-natural Fruit and Soy Bar in pineapple. Value = $1.19 - I don't care much for these bars. They are just to dry and dense.

PUR gum Pomegranate Mint. Value = $1.42

(2) Hillside GoOrganic Hard Candy. Value = $??

Flavrz Organic Drink Mix. Value = $1.00

Naked Wines Gift Card for $50 off. Value = $30.00 - I valued this at $30 since shipping is $10 and you have to buy a minimum of 6 wines. They have a limited number of $9.99 wines so you could buy 6 bottles of that.

Discount code for a 1 year subscription to Food & Wine Magazine for $12.00

The total approximate value of this box is $9.65 not including the gift card and give or take a quarter for the candies. Since I'm already registered with Naked Wines I can't use the gift card so it has no value to me. The Food & Wine discount is nice but I already subscribe to that magazine. I am so glad I was able to try that pineapple cereal bar. I will definitely be ordering these in the future! Also I'm glad they sent the SoyJoy bar even though I didn't care for it. It's something I probably would've purchased at the store and ended up not liking. This box value pretty much broke even but to try most of these items you would have to order it and pay shipping.

If anyone wants my Naked Wines gift card email me at and I'll send you the info. I ordered a bunch of wines using the gift card that came with the Cravebox and they have a nice selection. I was able to get 6 bottles of wine (2 whites, 3 reds and a rose) for a total price of $38.95 with the gift card.

Verdict: Overall I love my Love with Food boxes so it's a keeper. 

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