Sunday, June 16, 2013

June Fancy Food Box

The Fancy Food Box includes 5 or more gourmet artisan food products along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions. The Fancy Food box is priced at $39.00 plus $7.95 shipping. This is a little high but if you are into food products they send out some really cool stuff and so far the value has been over the $48 price of the box.

This subscription is available worldwide, shipping prices vary on location.

The good:

Sizes: You get full size food items!

Information: They include a nice card with the product information and picture.     

The not so good:

Skip: There is no option to skip a month, only cancel. 

Price: The price is a little high - unless of course it has great products and a high value

Information cards. 

   The Fancy Food Box.

Contents of The Fancy Food Box with approximate retail price listed: 

Salty Road Salty Caramel Apple Salt Water Taffy. Value = $6.50 - You can taste the little salt crystals in this. I also like that it's not to hard and not too soft, the perfect consistency. 

Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup. Value = $14.00

Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce. Value = $6.95

Tin Mustard. Value = $7.00 - I love me some gourmet mustard and this one is delicious. 

Rick's Picks' Handy Corn Relish. Value = $5.99

The Cravery PB Overload Cookie. Value = $2.00 - This was one of the most delicious PB cookies I've ever tasted. It didn't hurt that it had chocolate chips in it. 

Gama Go Cool Pop Spatula. Value = $10.00 - I have tons of these spatulas but I love them so yay me!

The total value of this months box is $52.44. I really do enjoy the fancy food boxes. It always so many items that I would either never buy or wouldn't know where to buy them. I can't wait to try the ginger syrup. I'm sure I will use it in some sort of cocktail. I had rick's picks' products before and so far have liked them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yet but I'm thinking salsa. I absolutely love the label on the BBQ sauce, very to the point. Can't wait to try it. 

Verdict. I think this box offers some really unique food items.

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About a week or so after receiving my Fancy Food Box I received another box in the mail from them with this letter inside.

Along with the letter was some goodies in the box. 

They included 2 boxes of salt water taffy and 4 more cookies.  This added $21 to the value of the box making it an overall value of $73.44. I'll be honest and say I didn't realize or even think anything was missing from my box. I only received one cookie and one box of taffy but I thought that was what it was supposed to be. That being said I think it's a amazing that Fancy took the time and money to send everyone the missing items and extras. Kudos to The Fancy and their awesome customer service. 

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