Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Julep Destination Mystery Boxes

Last week Julep announced their latest mystery box. The theme was Destination and included Laguna Beach, Miami and The Hamptons. The price is $24.99 and 3 lucky boxes will include a $600 gift card from United Airlines. I couldn't decide which box I wanted and since I had skipped my last few maven boxes I went ahead and got one of each. I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the gift cards but I got some pretty fun nail colors.

The boxes didn't indicate which box there were. I made an educated guess based on the description Julep provided of each Destination.

To order just click here and type mystery in the product search field.

The Hamptons - Classic, Preppy, Glam

The colors: Alfre, Rose, Clara
Laguna Beach - Trendy, Vibrant, Fun

The colors: Fiona, Abbie and Cody

Miami - Glitzy, Bold, Energetic

The colors: Lauren, Paris, Isla

The Hamptons Mystery Box Version 1

Pomegranate Body Scrub. Value = $18.00

Alfre, Classic with a Twist, Royal Metropolitan Purple Metallic. Value = $14.00 - I've been wanting this color for a while now. I was happy to see it in my box.

Rose, Classic with a Twist, A Juicy Watermelon Red Creme. Value = $14.00

Clara, It Girl, Opaque Peach Creme. Value = $14.00

Julep Strawberry Mint Lip Balm. Value = $3.00?? - I couldn't find this anywhere on their website.

3 neon hair bands. Value = $3.00 - I have piles of these things. I love them and use them all the time.

Total Value = $66.00

Laguna Beach Mystery Box Version 5

Glycolic Hand Scrub. Value = $23.00 - I use this every now and then. It feels like it really smooths out your hands.

Fiona, Boho Glam, Electric Lime Neon Green Creme. Value = $14.00

Abbie, It Girl, Sunshine Yellow Creme. Value = $14.00

Cody, Classic with a Twist, Cantaloupe Orange Creme. Value = $14.00

Julep Strawberry Mint Lip Balm. Value = $3.00 - I couldn't find this anywhere on their website.

Total Value = $68.00

Miami Mystery Box Version 3

Invisible Dry Shampoo. Value = $22.00

Lauren, Classic with a Twist, Hot Tropical Pink Creme. Value = $14.00 - I already had this color but it's very pretty.

Paris, It Girl, Multidimensional Holographic Glitter Top Coat. Value = $14.00 - I have a love hate relationship with glitter polish but this looks really pretty.

Isla, Boho Glam, Soft Milky-White Metallic. Value = $14.00

Julep Strawberry Mint Lip Balm. Value = $3.00

Total Value = 67.00

The total value of all my boxes were $201.00, not bad for a $75.00 investment. The polish in the Laguna Beach box is a little brighter than I would normally wear so I'm not sure about those. I might use them as accent colors of designs. It seems they put the lip balm in every box. I couldn't find anything on their website about it so I'm wondering if it's a new product.

Verdict: Of course I wish I would've won the gift card but I'm happy with these boxes. I received some colors I didn't have and some colors and products I wanted. I was so hoping I would get some swatch stickers - guess I'll have to orders those.


  1. Great recap on the mystery box contents! I bought Laguna Beach, but it was just shipped yesterday, so won't likely have it till next week. Wish they had included one more polish, as they didn't quite reach the $70 retail value mark, but it's still a decent haul for $25...

    1. I thought that also. I'm thinking the lip balm might be more than $3 but I couldn't find anything on it. If it were $6 like the one they have with SPF that would make these right at $70. I just don't think the lip balm is worth more than $3

    2. I got the same boxes :( The lip balm is priced at $8 on the website.

  2. Thank you for letting us know what you received! I skipped this one and am glad, as none of the colors are really calling my name. Whew! I was really worried I'd regret skipping, so thanks again! :)

  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing :)
    Personally, I'm happy I skipped. I was going to pick Miami or Laguna. Lucky for me, because I have all the colors that are in the Miami box - plus I have really long, really curly hair, so dry shampoo is not for me.
    The Laguna colors look like Fruit Loops! lol. And Julep just gave out a bright green and a bright yellow in the last mystery box.

    I think I justy have to much polish to buy mystery boxes. It's like giving a sedimentary rock to a geologist! lol!

    1. I agree, I also have way too much polish and really shouldn't buy anymore of these boxes. I really need to start using them on a weekly basis and learn how to make designs but it just takes up so much time.

  4. Ohhh, I've been hoping someone would have a review on these! I have been so curious about what comes in each of the boxes. I am pretty glad I didn't bit though since I have so many of these colors already. I've gotten lip balm in a mystery box before too. I could never find it on their site either. I kinda like it!!

    1. I was super glad I only got on duplicate. I was really worried about that. It amazes me how many colors they actually have though.

    2. OMG, they have a ton of colors. You *think* they are the same and they you get them next to each other? Nope. Different!

  5. well, it's offical. this will be the last time I let the "mystery" part suck me in. I already have any of the colors I like out of these boxes (I bought laguna and miami) and now I will have THREE of those lip balms, and products I am just "ok" about. I would rather spend my $50 on something I will for sure want and use. Although if I get the airline tickets, all is forgiven julep. lol.

  6. They gave out that lip balm in the March Maven box but they don't sell it on the site anymore!

  7. Ah, I skipped march so I didn't know they had it. Wonder why they don't sell it anymore.

  8. The lip balm has been available on the secret store for $6, but I don't think it's ever been in the storefront, sadly. I am addicted to it and bought 3 of them in the secret store to stock up!

    Thanks for reviewing these - I've been on the fence and today's the last day. Think I'm skipping.

    1. I just saw their online warehouse sale today and they have those lip balms on sale for $2 regular $8.