Monday, June 24, 2013

Jewelmint 8 Piece Mystery Box

Recently Jewelmint annouced another mystery box. This one was a little different from others because you could order different size boxes. They had a 3 piece box for $29.99, a 5 piece box for $39.99 or an 8 piece box for $49.99. I opted for the 8 piece box because I'm crazy like that.

I was shocked at how fast this box came. I had in within a week from when I placed the order. I know a lot of people have been complaining about shipping times for Jewelmint but it looks like they are stepping up their game.

8 piece mystery box. 

Contents of box with price on Jewelmint

Blue Angel Earrings. Value = $19.99 - These are super pretty in person. 

Metallic Bronze Leather Bangles from Jewelmint Collective. Value = $30.00 - These are fun and would be great to toss on for a casual everyday look. 

Chocolate Link Necklace. Value = $29.99 - I never knew this existed. I'm so glad I got it and I can't wait to wear it.

Chocolate Link Bracelet. Value = $29.99 - Yay! The matching bracelet. 

Rhapsody Rope Necklace. Value = $29.99 - This is just gorgeous! I will definitely wear this. 

The Mural Bangle. Value - $29.99 - great bangle, love the little crystals on it. 

Chain of Honor Necklace. Value = $19.99 - I like the idea of this but it doesn't look right on me. 

Lavender Slate Necklace. Value = $19.99 - This is pretty but it's too much gold for me. 

The total value of this mystery box is $209.93. If you break it down per piece it makes each piece $6.25. I'm totally ok with that. I did get one duplicate of something I already have but the other 7 pieces are new to me. I'm actually happy with most of these pieces and it makes me want to order another one! I will refrain though until the next mystery box. 

Verdict: This mystery box was a hit for me!

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  1. I love the chocolate necklace/bracelet look! It's really different but pretty :-)

    1. I'm liking those pieces also. I can totally see them with a sundress and some cute wedges.