Monday, June 10, 2013

Broadway Nail imPRESS Press-on Manicure

In my recent Spring Influenster box one of the items I received was a pack of press-on nails from 
Broadway imPRESS. I remember press-on nails from back when I was teenager and was curious about how far they have come along.

The instructions are fairly simple. You pick which nails you want to use, pull off the paper exposing the sticky part and press on your nail. I literally did all my nails in about 10 minutes. They are said to last up to 7 days. I applied these on Saturday evening and I noticed one of them started lifting on Wednesday. Thursday morning I had lost two of them on my right hand. By the end of the day I pulled the rest off. The fake nail  pulled a little on the real nail when I was taking them off but it wasn't painful and didn't damage my nail. The directions say to use remover but I was at work and didn't have any. I didn't have any issues with shifting or lifting for the first few days which was nice. I did notice if I ran my hands through my hair it would get caught under the press-on nail.

I checked out their website to see what other patterns they offer and they also have press-on pedicures. I don't think I will be putting fake nails on my toes anytime soon. It sounds too odd plus I like all the pampering stuff I get with a pedicure.

These retail for about $5.99 for solids and $7.99 for patterns.

I thought these were fun and summery. I liked that the length wasn't too long either. It makes it easier for those of us who aren't used to fake nails to do daily activities. I thought they looked pretty good from
this viewing angle.
The fit and appearance haven't approved much. As you can see if you look closely these
are obviously fake looking.

Verdict: I would buy these for a special occasion if my nails were short that week. If my natural nails were a decent length I would prefer using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. 

This was sent complimentary in the Spring Fever Influenster Box for testing and review purposes.


  1. I had really high hopes for these when I first saw them on your blog! They def look fake up close but I bet they look pretty good from a normal distance! And I'm honestly impressed that you got saturday - wednesday wear out of them! That seems better than my memories of press-ons in junior high for sure! LOL!

    1. These are way better than the press-on nails from the 80's but still fake looking. I have to say though if my nails were short and I was looking for some quick pizazz this is quick and cheap.