Friday, May 24, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet Book - My Experience

I was lucky enough to be picked to receive The Fast Metabolism Diet book complimentary from She Speaks for review. At first I thought it's another gimmick diet book. I mean really how can you lose 20 lbs in 28 days, yeah right. I started reading the book and the principals made sense. I honestly thought I wasn't going to do the diet because it seemed to difficult to track the food but then I found out there's an app for that! I downloaded the app for $1.99 and while it needs a few tweaks the app makes it easy to keep track of what you can eat and how much. It even has a way to add all your food choices to a shopping list. If you are thinking about doing this diet and have a smart phone I highly recommend the app, it will make your tracking easier. I know the app has some issues but I still think it's better than carrying the book around.


Here are my thoughts so far:

Each week is broken down into phases that last 2-3 days. Phase 1 is two days and focuses on lots of carbs and fruit with cardio for exercise. Phase 2 is two days and focuses on lots of protein and veggies with strength training for exercise. Phase 3 is three days and focuses on fruit, carbs, protein, veggies with healthy fats and oils. Exercise for this phase is relaxation like yoga, meditation or a massage. I think the structure is nice because it allows for a little more variety during your weekend (phase 3).

No caffeine of alcohol - but if you MUST have one of both of those things there are some adjustments you need to make to your plan. At least they don't say you can't have it at all.

The amount of food you eat is based on how much you want to lose. If you have 20 lbs ore more to lose you get to eat more. The app is great for that since you put in your current and goal weight and it calculates it for you.

Speaking of food - you really do get to eat a lot of food.

You eat every 3-4 hours starting 30 minutes after you wake up.  I work 12 hour days starting at 6am. I normally would eat breakfast at work but I have to eat it at home which confuses my morning routine a little. The other thing that I found funny was I was eating my lunch at 10am and dinner 4pm. I'm not even home by 4pm so I'm eating my lunch and dinner at work. The only thing I have when I get home from work is a snack at 6:30pm. This might be super difficult if you are feeding a family or kids.

You really need to plan out your meals at least a few days ahead.  I found a I had to make extra trips to the grocery store because I hadn't planned far enough ahead.

The book contains lots of recipes to use but it's a little difficult because I'm not sure how many servings to eat. 

The science:

Phase 1 is to unwind and calm the adrenals. You will eat foods high in carbs such as brown rice, oatmeal, brown rice pasta. Foods high in natural sugars such as apples, figs, strawberries, peaches. Foods high in vitamin B and C such as turkey, lentils, lean beef, oranges. This is also the phase where you will do intense cardio exercise.

Phase 2 is to unlock fat stores. You will eat foods that support liver function such as onions, broccoli and cabbage. Foods high in lean protein such as lean beef, buffalo, white meat chicken and tuna. Foods rich in alkalizing green, low-glycemic veggies such as kale, greens and lettuce. This is the phase where you will do strength training exercise.

Phase 3 is to unleash the burn - hormones, heart and heat. You will eat foods high in healthy fats such as avocado, olives, olive oil and nuts. Foods with higher fat proteins like salmon and hummus. Low-glycemic fruits and veggies such as blackberries, grapefruit, spinach and sweet potatoes. Moderate amount of unrefined carbs such as wild rice, sprouted grain bread and quinoa. Thyroid-stimulating foods such as seaweed, shrimp and lobster. This is the phase where you will do stress-reducing exercise like yoga, deep breathing or have a massage.

The food you eat is mostly normal grocery store items but they do suggest you buy organic and nitrate-free. Some of the grain items are not common like brown rice pasta and sprouted breads and tortillas. The store I shop at most frequently commonly has those types of items but depending on where you live you may need to search it out.

The Do's:

Rule #1: You must eat five times per day, 35 time per week - 3 meals and 2 snacks, no skipping!

Rule #2: You must eat every 3-4 hours except when you're sleeping (the app schedules it every 2-3 1/2 hours but you can change it)

Rule #3: You must eat within 30 minutes of waking, every day - don't let your body run on fumes

Rule #4: You must stay on the plan for a full 28 days - 4 weeks is required to get a true repair

Rule #5: You must stick to the foods allowed in your phase - the app needs work on this part, some items are missing and or don't match up to the book

Rule #6: You must follow the phases in order - there's an order for a reason.

Rule #7: You must drink half you body weight in ounces of water every day - other liquid don't count

Rule #8: Eat organic whenever possible - it's better for the liver

Rule #9: Meats must be nitrate-free - nitrates slow down the breakdown of fat in the body.

Rule #10: Exercise according to your phase - exercise is always good

The Don'ts:

Rule #1: No wheat - too difficult for you body to digest and extract nutrients. sprouted wheat is ok

Rule #2: No corn - super bad for you metabolism.

Rule #3: No dairy - you can use unsweetened rice milk, coconut milk or almond milk

Rule #4: No soy - soy slows the metabolism

Rule #5: No refined sugar - all bad

Rule #6: No caffeine - causes too much stress on adrenals glands. If you insist on coffee eat first

Rule #7: No alcohol - alcohol is high in sugar

Rule #8: No dried fruit or fruit juices - there is too much sugar concentration in these items.

Rule #9: No artificial sweeteners - if you must use sweeteners they want you to use Truvia, Stevia or Xylitol

Rule #10: No fat-free "diet" foods - no frozen diet dinners, packaged food.

As you can see this is a diet that says you "can't" eat certain things but it's only for 2-3 days. I think 2-3 days of not having carbs or fruit or whatever is manageable. I think the hardest part is 2-3 days without wine is going to be the hardest part. I am going to give this a try because why not, can't hurt. I will keep you posted on my findings and hopefully weight loss. I'm also doing Weight Watchers online so I'm going to see how many points I use each week compared to what this diet has you eating. I started the diet on Monday May 20th so my week will be a typical Monday-Sunday.

Week 1: 5/20/13-5/26/13

Phase 1: Food consisted of oatmeal, apples, grapefruit, brown rice, ground buffalo, bok choy, oranges, brown rice pasta, chicken sausage, broccoli, zucchini, blueberries, strawberries and nectarines over the 2 days. Exercises once for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I only drank 51% of the water over the 2 days. Was food satisfied both days. Day one I was tired in the afternoon and day 2 I was tired all morning with a headache - unknown if that was related to diet.

Phase 2: Food consisted of egg whites, spinach, deli turkey meat, tuna, red onions, oysters, chicken breasts, broccoli, turkey bacon. smoked salmon, cucumbers and I slipped on day 2 of this phase and had a small slice of coconut cream pie. My stomach was not happy with it. I didn't get any exercise these days. I only drank 68% of the water over the 2 days. The first day of this phase I was very tired all day and the second day I felt bloated and had a headache - unknown if that was related to the diet. I was happy to be over the meat phase, I was tired of eating turkey and chicken.

Phase 3: Food consisted of eggs, sprouted grain tortilla, fresh spinach, avocado, cucumbers, raspberries, shrimp, beets, pistachios, carrots, wild rice, turkey sausage, green beans, almonds, seaweed, cashews, salmon, yams, blueberries, almond cheese, peaches, cashews and brussels sprouts. I did have a glass of wine on the last day.  I sipped slowly and drank water with it. I wasn't able to exercise during this phase. I only drank 78% of the water over the 3 days. I felt good during these 3 days. I didn't have any headaches. I think my body was getting used to the eating schedule because I could feel myself getting hungry close to meal times.

Overall I think this week went well considering I had a 71 hour work week and had to go to work all 7 days. I don't work from home but my commute is only 8 miles each way so that helps. I only had one day where I ate something I wasn't suppose to and one day where I drank alcohol. I think results may have been a little better if I was able to work out but I was just too busy to get in it (I don't get breaks or lunch breaks at work so that's not an option).

I lost 1.2 lbs. this first week. I was expecting much more. Pretty sure I won't be losing 20 lbs in 28 days.

I compared this week to Weight Watchers I went over by 7 points. If I would've exercised more I could have earned those 7 points and it would be even.

Week 2: 5/27/13-6/2/13

Phase 1: Monday was my first day off work in 7 days and I had planned a spa day with a friend. I did good in the morning and even exercised for 40 minutes (bike/treadmill) but that afternoon I shared nachos with her. That evening I was too tired to make dinner so I ate a Weight Watchers frozen meal and a WW ice cream bar. I think I did ok calories wise but bad for this diet. Tuesday was better I was tired but due to lack of sleep the night before. Food was similar to week one and I went for a 40 minute walk. I only drank 47% of the water.

Phase 2: The protein phase is not my favorite phase. I'm glad it only last 2 days. Not only is it expensive to eat free range, nitrate-free, etc but I get so tired of eating meat. I exercised one of the two day. I did 10 min on the weight machines and a 30 min walk. I was able to drink 94% of the water. I could've pushed myself to drink the last 16 ounces to get to 100% but I didn't want to be up all night using the restroom.

Phase 3: This phase didn't go so well for me this week. I went to a party on Saturday and had a beer along with a small scoop of potato salad, chips and salsa and a piece of cake and ice cream. UGH! On Sunday we had a group event and went out out to lunch. I had fish tacos (nothing fried) with rice and beans and that night I had a cocktail. I did really bad on the water intake which I'm sure was less than 50%.

I gained 2.4 lbs. this week. Very disappointed. I guess those two days of being off the plan really messed everything up. I also noticed on Friday I stayed on plan but ate the recommended nuts and olive oil and that  put me 41 points over my WW allowance for the day.

Week 3: 6/3/13-6/9/13

Phase 1: Since I gained weight last week I was tempted to quit and call it good. I'm really getting tired of eating the same things and planning meals is taking up a lot of time. The boyfriend said I couldn't quit and I had to finish it and I realized he's right so here I am. I wanted something different than brown rice this phase so I tried millet. I think I need to experiment with it a little more because so far I'm not a fan. I mixed up the fruit a little and bought apricots and mangos. I didn't track my water on Monday but I was able to get to spin class which is 30 min followed up by 20 min of balance work. Tueday I didn't meet my water goal but I did manager to get 30 minutes in on the ARC trainer (basically it's an elliptical).

Phase 2: With the weight gain this week I am feeling very unmotivated to complete this diet. I made a promise to myself and all of you that I would give it a go so I'm sticking to it. Wednesday food was lots of protein rich foods like chicken, egg whites, oysters, turkey bacon and smoked salmon. I didn't meet my water goal but I drank 80 oz which I'm ok with. Thurdays food started out good same protein type items, egg whites, ground turkey, chicken, tuna, oysters. Thursday evening life happened and I fell off the wagon so to speak. We didn't end up eating until late that evening (unexpected delay) which meant not only was it 4.5 hours between meals (and I was starving by that point) but we had to make something quick. I ended up eating turkey sausage (good), pasta (bad) and pasta sauce (bad). Ugh.

Phase 3: Friday I stayed on the plan most of the day and them Friday night we had sushi. Saturday we hosted a party at my house and I spent most of the morning cooking and setting up. I tried to eat on schedule  but with all the running around it was way too difficult to eat on time and on plan. So basically Saturday was a wash. Sunday was filled with leftovers from the party. So I don't think I did horrible food wise but I definitely didn't stick to the schedule.

At the end of this phase I gained another 2.5 lbs. This was seriously annoying and discouraging. I know I didn't follow the plan but this gaining weight two weeks in a row is ridiculous!

Week 4: 6/10/13-6/16/13 

Phase 1: Still discouraged and not wanting to go through all the work to stay on this diet.

Phase 2: I've decided to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry.

Phase 3: Same as above.

I didn't complete the 28 days on the diet. The weight gain from week 2 and 3 was really discouraging. I felt like I planned, shopped and prepared so much what was the point of doing all that work for no reward. Week 4 I stuck to eating within 30 minutes of waking (most days) and ate when I was hungry which was about every 3 hours. I followed the weight watchers points system which doesn't limit what I can eat but how much. I ended up losing a few pounds and am now back at the weight I was 28 days ago. With that being said I feel like it didn't work for me because it's so regimented and takes lots and lots of planning. A diet only works if you stick to it and clearly this is not one I can stick to. So I'm not saying the diet didn't work but it doesn't work for me.

Verdict: This didn't work for me for various reasons but everyone is different.

**This is a sponsored post by She Speaks and The Fast Metabolism Diet. I received the book free of charge to review. All opinions are my own not influenced by She Speaks or The Fast Metabolism Diet.


  1. Thanks for the review. I received this book in a Crave box but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I was curious on the type of plan it is. Keep us posted. I'm curious to see if your headaches will go away.

    1. It doesn't seem to weird so far. You are eating normal foods just not every certain things everyday. I only lost a little over a pound the first week so I was a little disappointed. I thought I would have lost more since I followed it pretty closely.

  2. I lost five pounds the first week and eight through ten days. Maybe it's the slice of pie, the glass of wine, the cocktail, and not drinking enough water or actually sticking to the schedule that were your downfall. It's hard to say this diet/eating plan isn't for you when you didn't actually DO the diet/eating plan correctly. Try again, for 28 days, less than a month, with no deviations.

    1. I would disagree with you. I can absolute say it isn't for me because of the fact I didn't stick to it exactly. I found that it was too restrictive for me therefore I became disinterested in following it. A diet only works if it works for you. I have found weight watchers to be a much better fit for my lifestyle and I've lost weight on it. I think it's great that this worked for you. Did you lose 20 lbs in 28 days?

  3. You didn't follow the diet, hence, your review isn't accurate. You can't have those extras that you had, it is only 28 days, stick to the diet. Pomroy also REALLY stresses not being stressed, looking at this as an opportunity, and enjoying the process. If you hate every minute of the food you will not lose as much weight. Plain and simple.

    1. Again I have to disagree. The review is my own personal opinion so how can it not be accurate? My personal opinion is not wrong. It didnt work for me and my daily life but everyone is different. I'm sure it has and will work for other people. I would be curious about long term though. Once you go back to "normal" eating does the weight stay off or have you changed your metabolism enough where eating a piece of cake won't be detrimental? I haven't seen any long term reviews yet.

  4. Silliest review I ever read. Worked all week, did not exercise, did not follow plan and did not drink the water and that was when you were "following" the diet. Basically did not do the last week at all - but it does not work? Say what? I followed it for a week to the letter and lost 6 lbs the first week. The best part was giving up diet coke and wheat and how much my food cravings for sugar seemed to have disappeared. Was it hard - yes; did I go thru withdrawals - yes. But today I feel so much better and this is only week 1. Next time you "review" a book and give it an "opinion" as to whether it will work or not - actually "try it". Thanks for the insight on how "not to do it" LOL

    1. A diet only works if you follow it. What I'm trying to say and I think people are misunderstanding it that it didn't work for ME. For ME it was too restrictive and caused me stress which made it difficult for ME to follow. I work long hours and long weeks. I also have a job where I am not free to get up from my desk anytime I want which makes getting water and using the restroom challenging. If you read my whole experience (now that I've said that I'm thinking I should change the word review to experience) I admit not following the diet completely. I'm not trying to portray it as if I followed it religiously and it didn't work. This particular diet didn't work for ME for various reasons. have been following weight watchers and that fits much easier into my life and I have lost weight. I know other people that hate keeping track of calories or points so weight watchers doesn't work for them.
      Congrats on the 6lbs. I would love to know what your total weight loss is after 28 days and if you maintain. I've read lots of other reviews but haven't found one that addresses long term.

  5. Hi Pixiepower

    Thank you for your honest review of the diet. I can see it wouldnt suit me either so you have saved me the frustration of finding this out myself.

    1. Thank you, glad you found my experience helpful.

    2. I have started the diet this week and I am also finding it a challenge to stick with it. Eating fruit makes me super hungry, so to have it as a snack just makes me hungrier. Phase 2 with all the meats is making me nauseated. Super hard to stick with.

    3. The good thing is each phase only lasts 2 days but they protein phase is super tough! Keep us posted on how it worked for you.

  6. I appreciate your review and am experiencing many of the same issues (I am on week 3). I am glad to find an honest review that shares a bit of my discouragement as well. Phase 2 is absolutely dreadful for me and I simply cannot find a way to enjoy food in that phase. I feel like a slave to my menu as is hard in busy life to eat specific types of foods at precise times, I think it is wrong for the other people who have posted to criticize your review, because obviously the diet did not work for you and your review was true and accurate for your experience. I think people are riding the wave of support for a new diet, but after the initial excitement about it, reality sets in that it is not for everyone. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Mom of 5? And I thought my work kept me busy. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I REALLY appreciate it. Have you been successful in losing weight with this diet?

  7. I am loving this way of eating. I'd been wondering how to get back to the way Americans used to eat - modern meals bear no resemblance to the meals of my childhood! Pomroy's plan nixes mass-produced wheat and corn and dairy, because they have been manipulated beyond recognition, and when I first read the book I really couldn't imagine getting by without them. I am a lifelong picky eater...

    But everything I've eaten on this plan has been delicious. Haven't tried the recipes yet - I've made my own meals, flollowing the rules and portions to the letter. When I get to the end of the 28 days, I will be sticking to the allowed foods but having a few drinks a week. I thought caffeine would be the toughest, but it's not having the option of a drink I miss most. Weight melts off, the food is excellent and filling, it's just 28 days and it feels sooooo good.

    It's also easy. It takes me less time to slice and stir fry chicken and vegetables, or steak with peppers and onions, or shrimp, tomatoes and squash than to go to a fast food place, stand in line, wait for my order then travel back to work. And with Pomroy's emphasis on cooking with broths and limes and lemons and the whole range of spices, cooking and eating at home is far more tasty than a lot of restaurant fare.

    1. I agree cooking fresh is WAY better than anything processed. I almost never eat fast food but we do eat out at restaurants at least once a week. I've been cutting out carbs and excess sugar and that seems to be working. How much weight did you lose in the 28 days?

  8. I've been doing the Fast Metabolism Diet for 8 1/2 weeks now. So, I've been through 2 cycles of the program. It has been a mixed bag for me. I've lost 12.5 lbs (which is about 1.5 lbs per weeks average). However, most of the weight loss came in the first cycle. I've only lost 2 lbs in the last 4 weeks and I've been following the diet pretty religiously. I have not cheated and I'm working really hard to plan meals, mix it up so I'm not eating the same thing every week, and getting in the minimum at least in exercise.

    What makes it especially frustrating for me is that my husband has lost 40 lbs in this same amount of time. I'm ready to go back to Weight Watchers (which I've done with a lot of success in the past), but he loves this diet because of the amount of success that he's had. So, I'll likely just stick with it - although the weight loss is very slow for me - so that I can be supportive of him. I do like the foods that I eat and the fact that we're eating organic now. I also enjoy baking with new grains I've never eaten before. We're in Phase 3 and last night I made Quinoa and Almond Flour English Muffins that were terrific. I had one this morning with almond butter and some raspberry jam I bought at Sprouts that is sweetened with xylitol. Yum.

    We've been eating the sprouted grain english muffins made my the Food For Life company (makers of Ezekiel bread). Perhaps even the sprouted wheat is causing a sensitivity for me. So, I'm trying to get away from eating any wheat - even sprouted wheat. Perhaps that will jumpstart my diet progress again. I remember that I didn't discover the sprouted wheat tortillas and English muffins until a few weeks into the program. So, maybe adding them has been a problem. Who knows. I'm willing to try anything so that my husband and I can be successful together.

    And lastly, I do not feel like my metabolism has been energized at all. In fact, some days I could fall asleep at my desk. Perhaps that's a long-term effect of caffeine. I gave up coffee after 25 years and I understand that it will likely take some time to get my adrenals sorted out after quitting coffee. My husband, who wasn't a coffee drinker, feels very energized by the diet. So, maybe for those who aren't giving up coffee, the changes to the metabolism occur much quicker.

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