Friday, May 17, 2013

May Kona Kase

Last month Kona Kase generously sent me a complimentary box of goodies to try. I liked what I got so I signed up for my very own subscription. I'm trying really hard to get back into shape this year so anything helps!

Kona Kase was started because the creators Taylor & John were tired of eating the same boring energy bars. They wanted a way to for themselves and others to be able to try all the different brands out there without having to scour the earth looking for them. Voila - Kona Kase was born.

Kona Kase is priced at $15 a month with shipping included. They also offer a 3 month plan for $41 ($13.66 a month), 6 months for $77 (12.83 a month) or 12 months for $145 ($12.08 a month). The 3,6 and 12 month plans need to be paid for in full.  Each month Kona Kase will send a Kase of premium endurance products and boxes ship between the 10th and 18th of every month.

This subscription ships to the US and Canada (additional $8 shipping). Ships from Oakland, Ca. 

The good:

Don't know what to buy: This is a great way to try protein bars, food, snacks and healthy stuff without having to go out a buy it.

Variety: They send a nice variety of products and I don't know if this is usual but it was all food and not supplements, pills or such.

The not so good:

Skip: There is no option to skip. You can cancel and restart.

May Kona Kase box.

Contents of the Kona Kase box with approximate retail value:

1.1 oz. bag of Popcorners Value = $1.00

Luna Bar in Blueberry Bliss. Value = $1.25

GU Electrolyte Brew drink tablet in lemon lime. Value = $2.00

GU Energy Gel Roctane Ultra Endurance Blueberry Pomegranate. Value = $2.50

GU Energy Gel Vanilla Bean. Value = $1.39

GU Chomps in lemon and strawberry. Value = $2.29/ea.

GU Recovery Brew in Chocolate Smoothie. Value = $3.33

Oh Yeah Almond Fudge Brownie Bar. Value $2.00

Good Bean Chocolate Berry Bar. Value = $2.40

The total value of this Kona Kase is $20.45.  I thought it was very cool that they sent the whole line of GU products to try. I like Luna bars but I don't recall that I've ever tried the blueberry one. Popcorn snacks are also nice to have around except it's hard to eat this when I have a popcorn maker in my game room. Of course this is much better for you and I can eat it as an on the go snack. I've tried the good bean dried snacks and wasn't aware that they make these types of bars. It looks promising. I really hope the oh yeah bar isn't dry because it sounds delicious!

Verdict: I'm happy with the variety in this box.

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  1. I love the Luna bars. I found out Trader Joes have them for $1 a pop :)

    1. $1, dang that's awesome. I will have to check my Trader Joes if I ever get over there. I love Trader Joes but the one closest to me is way outta my way so I hardly ever go.

  2. That sucks. :( They also have kind bars for $1.25 I usually stock up and leave them in my desk instead of getting something from the vending machines.

    Its funny though, there is like two Trader Joes where I work [both really huge] but where I live its like 45 mins away and I have 2 and half hour commute. So, when I go there during lunch I can't even pick up a bunch of goodies because it would be to heavy to bring home :(