Friday, May 3, 2013

intiMINT Spring Must Have Mystery Box

intiMINT recently sent an email advertising their Spring Must Have Mystery Box. Each box is guaranteed to have 4 items in it with at least one gown or chemise for $34.99. Most of their gowns and chemises run in the $70 range so if that's something you're interested in this is a great deal. The boxes are still available but I don't know for how long so if you want one get it now! I went ahead and ordered 2 this time.

Mystery box #1

Ella Chemise, retail $79.96 - very pretty but no so well fitting for larger busts. 
Meshed up tank in red, retail $39.98 - soooo comfy!
Ava Chiffon Romper, retail $79.96 - soooo cute!
Off the shoulder lounge shirt in purple stripe, retail $59.97 - very comfy but I feel like it's so baggy around the arms, I would probably only wear it around the house
Total retail value = $259.87

Meshed Up Tank
Ella Chemise

Ava Chiffon Romper

This is the off the shoulder shirt. I know the model pic is fuzzy but that's because I couldn't find a bigger pic but I wanted to show what it's supposed to look like. 

Mystery box #2

Gray stripe cut-out henley tank, retail $39.98 - great layering tank
Gray simply short shorts, retail $19.99 - cute but I don't wear short shorts
Gray adjustable racerback cami, retail $39.98 - I've got this in my last mystery box, great basic tank
Sophie Lace & Satin Gown, retail $79.96 - purrrty, but again doesn't fit large busts well
Total retail value $179.91


This is the tank but I wanted to show you what the back looks like and could only find a pic in solid gray. 


Racerback cami and short shorts, cute matching set. 

Sophie Lace & Satin Gown

In my two intiMINT mystery boxes I received eight items with a total retail value of $439.78.  The cost of the boxes were $35.00 each or $70.00 plus tax for both. I actually had a $19.99 credit so I got both boxes for $56.00 which is an absolute steal! The items that don't fit well I'll either gift, sell or trade, I'm not too worried about it. I think they mystery boxes from the MINTS are getting better and better. 

Verdict: Would I buy another intiMINT mystery box? Yes I would. 

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