Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March/April Graze Box

Graze Box is a new food centric subscription service that was introduced to me by Jared over at An Asian ReviewsGraze boxes can be set up for weekly, every two weeks, every 3 weeks, etc. Currently Graze subscriptions are invite only meaning you need to know someone who subscribes and see if  they have an invite code.  I used up all my invite codes pretty quickly but was recently given an extra one by Graze Box for participating in a survey. Check the Raffles and Giveaways page to enter to win the code.

Graze sends out a box of four snack size containers of dried fruit, nuts, crackers, dip and dippers, etc.  The boxes are semi-customizable meaning you don't actually get to pick which items you want but you can rate the items you receive from love to never send me this again.  The cost of the box is $5.00 per shipment. 

This subscription ships to the US only, except Hawaii and Alaska. I'm not sure where it ships from but it says royal mail on the label.

The good:

Like Snacks: Are you a snacker like me?  These are perfectly proportioned snack size containers.

Nutritional info: The include nutritional info in each box. It's on the card in the package though, not the actual product.

Skip: Sort of.  They don't call it skipping, they call it pushing back but it works the same.  You can do this online through your account and it's super easy.

Price: The costs ends up being $1.25 per package.  You're paying for convenience but I gotta be honest it was super convenient to pick up a pack and throw it in my lunch bag this morning. 

Semi-customizable: You rate items and that's how they choose which items to send you. 

Referrals: They have a program where you can refer a limited number of people. You get $1 off your next box or you can donate that $1 to charity. 

The not so good:

Nothing comes to mind. 

Graze Box #1 and Graze Box #2

Contents of box #1:

Chili & Lime Pistachios, roasted pistachios with chili & lime seasoning

Summer Pudding, Yogurt covered sunflower seeds, black currents, sponge pieces and cranberries.

Boston Baguettes, BBQ relish with tomato bread sticks - The BBQ relish tasted odd to me, not bad or anything just not what I like.

Summer Berry Flapjack, rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberry - I highly recommend all the flapjack products, they are delicious

Contents of the second box:

Dark Rocky Road, pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries - The boyfriend ate all of this except the pecans - the pecans were good, I'm guessing the rest was tasty also since he ate it.

The British Barbecue, rosemary crostini, mini basil bread sticks, fiery seeds and smoked almonds - again the boyfriend ate all of this and left the almonds.

Smoky Gazpacho Dip, smoky gazpacho relish with wholemeal crisp bread slices.

Scandinavian Forest, blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins and apple. - The boyfriend attacked again - sensing a theme here??

I have my schedule set up to deliver every two weeks which is working out perfect for us. I like these little snack packs and apparently so does the boyfriend.

Verdict: I'm really liking this one.  The combinations are great.  

****If anyone else wants to share their invite codes on my blog please feel free to leave a comment or if you want to email it to me I will include the codes on this post. If someone uses your code you get $1 off your next box or you can opt to donate the $1 to charity through Graze Box.****


  1. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a code! Darn.

  2. Here's my invite code if anyone needs one: CK6J16M

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH, anonymous!
    I had been looking for a few weeks for a code, thank you thank you.

  4. if anybody has any other codes, would you mind emailing me? I would love to get a code to join :)

  5. Send one to me too please - thanks!

  6. I would love a code if anyone would be willing to share!

  7. me too I've been looking everywhere and even e-mailed the company!

  8. I would also really want a code if someone could share! Please and Thank you!

  9. if anyone has a code to spare, many i please have it?
    i've been waiting to get a graze box for the longest time now, but i wasn't aware of when it was launching in the U.S. so i missed out on the free code... LOL

  10. An anonymous person left a code for me to publish. It's 44kx

    1. I don't think that code has enough digits/characters...

    2. I didn't either but I posted it just in case. : /

  11. Hi I'm not sure if there is anyone still waiting or even looking for a code but I finally got an invitation so I'm providing my code for whoever wants to use it :)