Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Mantry Box

Mantry is a subscription box geared towards men but it's food products and the way I see it is woman eat food too so I signed up.  The price per month is $75.00 with shipping included.  The advertise that they will send 6-8 full sized items curated to fit the modern man's lifestyle.  The products are 100% made in America, even the hand made wooden crate the items are shipped in.  It looks like they have changed a little bit and are more consistent with their pricing and billing. 

If you noticed I didn't do a review of the January box and that's because I didn't receive it until last week. I was becoming extremely frustrated because emails were going back and forth. I was told it was being sent, then it wasn't, then it was etc. Finally the issue was resolved and the guys at Mantry gave me the option of either having my January box sent AND they would send me March for free or they would send me January and a refund. I thought what the heck I'll take January and the free March box. My subscription had ended in February and I hadn't re-signed up so getting a March box was a good deal for me. 

I'm probably not going to do a review on the January box since it's now April but the theme was Hecho En America and it contained 2 packs of Aurelia's chorizo, Rancho Gordo dried beans, San Miguel Mole, Olo's Chipotle paste, Hernan Mexican hot chocolate and La Esquina Salsa for an approximate value of $54.37.

This subscription ships to the US and Canada however for Canada it's an extra $25.00 shipping fee.

The good: 

Packaging: Comes in an awesome little crate.  This can be used to store all kind of stuff.  I'm currently using one to store extra beauty products, one of the boyfriends papers and catalogs, and one for items I plan on gifting or using in my giveaways.    

Products: Full size specialty food products. 

The not so good: 

Price: It's a high priced monthly subscription and the value fluctuates.      

The theme of this months box is Georgia On My Mind.

How cool is this honeycomb!

Here is the burlap pecan sack and all the pecans in the box.

Contents with approximate retail price listed.  ALL products are full size and from Georgia

Savannah Bee Company Square Raw Honeycomb from Savannah, GA. Value = $24.00

Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lakeland, GA Value = $32.00

Stripling's General Store Pork Jerky from Cordele, GA. Value = $6.99 - This was good but super spicy!

Nora Mill Granary, Inc White Speckled Grits from Helen, GA. Value = $4.75

Hot Georgia Soul BBQ Sauce from St. Simons, GA. Value = $6.42

Pearson Farms burlap sack with in the shell pecans from Crawford, GA. Value = ?? - I wasn't able to value this because they are sold out of the season. They won't have more available until October.

The total value of this Mantry box is $74.16 not including the pecans.  I think this is the first box that has hit the mark on value vs. price paid. I was super excited about this box. I sat on the floor pulling the stuff out while the boyfriend sat on the couch. This is how it went. "Grits!, I love grits! Ohhh, jerky - look honey. Wow, look at these pecans. A honeycomb, how cool is that. Look at this honeycomb honey, no for real look at it! It's from Savannah Bee Company we use their soap, see it's on the kitchen sink" The boyfriend just looked at me like I had lost my marbles. I thought this box was fantastic.

Side story - My two Mantry boxes arrived on the same day along with another box of books I had ordered. The boyfriend carries everything inside and sets it down and says something jokingly like "What's all this crap?" Knowing two of the boxes are Mantry and contain food, I say, "Well since it's all crap then you don't get any of whatever is in the boxes." Later as I was opening the boxes up he spied the jerky he asked me to give it to him. I remind him the boxes are crap and he doesn't get to partake in the goodies. He then says "Well I didn't know it was Mantry boxes." So there you go, it seems he enjoys the Mantry boxes and they aren't crap.

Verdict: Ugh! I was going to not re-subscribe to this one but this box was really amazing.


  1. This box was right up my alley! Yum. I wish I was getting it too! So jealous.
    I have a totally unrelated question - I remember that you contacted cravebox about an issue? Did you just use the email on the site? I was hoping for another method. My bikini box is going to the wrong address (I forgot when I did the drawing it had another address). UPS said easy to fix, but, cravebox has a hold so they have to do it. Cravebox is being very weird and telling me they can't send me another box (I didn't ask for that) and just generally not responding to me. I'm so frustrated bc this is an easy fix!! Thanks!!

    1. When I contacted them I sent an email thought their website. I don't know if they have a phone number or not. They were very helpful for me. I hope it gets worked out for you

  2. Ok, so tough question maybe. If you could only budget for one box a month which one would you pick?

    1. Man that is a tough question. In which category or are you talking everything?