Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jewelmint Earrings

I don't post a lot about my Jewelmint purchases on here because I figure they have been around awhile and it's old news. Then I thought oh what the heck why not post, a lot of their stuff looks different in person and maybe people would want to see that. 

If you're not familiar with Jewelmint it's a monthly subscription service for jewelry. It's part of the Beachmint brand that includes, Stylemint, Intimint and Shoemint. You take a little quiz on their website and they pick items for you that they think you will like. Each piece is $29.99 although every now and they have higher prices and now they have what they call their "collective" which is more than $30 usually. Each month on the first your showroom opens and you can pick an item you want them to send. If you don't like anything skip the month and pay nothing. If you don't skip within 5 days they will charge you the $30 but you can use it on a later purchase.  Honestly I skip every month and if I find something I can usually find a coupon or they frequently run specials or sales. For instance right now they are running a special on select rings 4 for $40. That's a great deal considering they are normally $30 each. 

Recently they had a 2 for 1 deal that I couldn't pass up. 

These are the Blue Angel Earrings. I really like the way they look and they aren't too heavy. I bought these as a gift for my mom. I know she will like them. 

These I had been looking at for awhile but didn't want to pay full price. They are the Peony Rock Earrings. What I didn't realize about these and you can't really see it in the picture is that they have a little sparkle in them. I think these are cute summer earrings. 

So that's my latest Jewelmint purchase. I actually own quite a bit of their items and have given many as gifts. If you sign up be sure and don't forget to skip the month if you don't want to be charged. 

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