Friday, April 12, 2013

Hand-Picked Words - monthly box for book lovers

I was contacted by Dani from Handpicked Words about her new subscription service. Handpicked Words is a monthly subscription but you don't get products you get ebooks. How fun is that. This is a way for writers to publish their work without using the publishing industry. I think this is such a unique idea and a great way for writers to get their work out. 

Each month Handpicked Words will send four exciting shorter pieces and a fascinating, fun-to-read book.  You will receive poems, short stories, art and books from amazing new authors. These works are sent to you via email each month for $15.00.

As a special treat the good peeps at Handpicked Words are offering a $5 discount to my readers on their first paid month. I say paid month because right now they are running a special where you get your first month free!  How awesome is that?!?. So basically with their special and my coupon you can get two months worth of reading for only $10! Just enter the code TREASURE when checking out under coupon code.

The good:

Support the Arts: I'm not a writer but I can imagine it very difficult to get your writings published. This is way for writers to get their  work out to people.

Read, read, read: I've been trying to read more and to do this I've made it a point to keep a book on my nightstand and try to read at least one chapter every night. The nice thing about this is they include short stories so you should have no problem fitting it in. Reading is good for the brain too.

You read it first: who knows maybe you will read something by someone who will become a best selling author and you can say "I read it first!"

Skip: You can skip a month by sending an email and they will take care of it for you.

The not so good:

Don't like it: yeah you may get someone that you didn't like but how do you know you don't like it until you read it.

Here are the samples I received. Currently these are all free on their website. You can get them individually or part of their Slightly Spooky Stories set (also free).

Until Mount Etna Speaks by David Rounds. - This was like a combination of a poem and a story. It was two pages long with pictures. I read it a couple of times and enjoyed it. Currently free on their website.

The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain by Charles Dickens. I didn't read this one but I found it interesting that they included a book by Charles Dickens. Currently free on their website.

Spooky Recipes by Peace Meals. - This is a nineteen page book with five recipes with pictures. The beginning part of the book talks about the chocolate industry and how three well known companies use get their cacao from the Ivory Coast which uses child labor. Very interesting read and the recipes were all Halloween themed. Currently free on their website.

Bus Ride by Annie Gowan Stone - This is a short seven page book. I thought the beginning and the end didn't really match up, it seemed it was like two different stories merged into one. Currently free on their website.

and to calm the waves of mismapping by Jennifer Derilo - This is a short seven page book. I felt like this was a little too all over the place for me and I stress the for me part. Currently free on their website.

I think this is a very unique and fun idea. If you are into reading check out the free ebooks and consider joining if you like what you read.


  1. Thanks for the review!! I'm glad you asked about skipping a month. I've now put a FAQ up on our website so people will be able to find that info. Basically, people are welcome to skip - they just send an email and it all gets taken care of for them.