Monday, April 22, 2013

Cravebox - Cooking Light Selects, Fast Meals

Cravebox isn't a monthly subscription service they just send of boxes of really cool stuff if you are lucky enough to get picked.  Here's how it works.  Sign up on their website to be notified when a box becomes available they will send you an email telling you the drawing is open and what the price of the box will be.  If you choose to enter you will get an email about a week later telling you if you've been chosen or not.  They don't tell you what's in the box, just the theme of the box.

A few months ago Cravebox offered a Cooking Light Selects series of boxes.  You could enter for each box separately or you could pre-pay for a slightly higher price and be guaranteed to get all 5 boxes.  The price was only a few dollars more and since food in big in my household I opted to pre-pay. 

This box is the second in the Cooking Light Selects series and it's called Fast Meals. I paid $14.00 for this box.   

The good: 

Themed Boxes: While you don't know what exactly is coming in your box you know the general theme and the price it will be.  

The price: I don't think.  It ranges from $10-$18 but they always tell you what it will be before you enter.   

Referral program: If someone lists your user name as a referral you earn points which may get you a free box.  Also it's retroactive meaning you can add someones user name even if you signed up months ago.  I wish it were clickable link but it's very cool none the less. My user name is pixiepower. 

The not so good: 

I can't think of anything. 

The boxes they ship in all look like this minus the Cooking Light sticker in the corner.

Fast Meals box. I wouldn't consider any of this stuff a meal but I was excited about the stuff.

Bunches of coupons were also in the box.

Contents of box with approximate retail value listed: 

1 oz. bag of Pop Chips in salsa flavor. Value = $1.09 - I thought these were pretty good, nice little spice and not too salty

1.62 oz. bottle of McCormick Moroccan Seasoning. Value = $3.99

bottle of McCormick Perfect Pinch Southwest Seasoning. Value = $2.79

(2) packs of Fig Newtons in Triple Berry. Value = $0.75/ea. - Fig Newtons are always yummy.

(2) Zone Perfect bars in Chocolate Peanut Butter. Value = $1.58/ea.

Box 50 Equal packets. Value = $2.99

Box of 40 Pure Via Stevia packets. Value = $2.69

Sampler box of 18 Stash Herbal Tea. Value = $5.95

(2) coupons for a free box of The new Brown Rice Triscuits. Value = $2.50/ea. - Seriously these new triscuits are super addicting. I bought a box on a whim to try it and the boyfriend and I ate the whole box in one night 

(2) coupons for $1.00 off Newton cookies

(2) coupons for $1.00 off BelVita Breakfast Biscuits. - I like these biscuits a lot. I will definitely use these coupons.

coupon for $1.00 off Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

(2) coupons for $0.55 off Fresh Express Salad Mix.

Recipe booklet from Pure Via Stevia

Recipe booklet from Equal

Stash Tea catalog

The total value of the second Cooking Light Selects box is $27.58. This is a much better value than the value of the first box in the series. The theme of the box is fast meals but only the Zone bars really convey "fast meal" to me. With that being said I'm still excited about this box. I am a spice junkie. I probably have 50+ spiced in my pantry and I don't have these. I was stoked when I saw the coupons for the Triscuits. I had just bought 2 boxes but these coupons will not go to waste because the new Triscuit flavors are amazing! I especially love the sweet potato onion one. I'm set on artificial sweeteners for the rest of the year I think. I don't use sweetener in my coffee but I should use it more in cooking. I think I might try some of the recipes from the booklets.

Verdict: This box was great! The next one is Summer Meals/BBQ

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  1. i didnt like this box at all. i found it made no sense with its theme. two boxes of artificial sweetener.. along with chips and fig newtons really doesnt fit fast meals at all. the spice was redeeming though

    1. I agree it didn't make sense. I did like the spices, fig bars, zone bars and the coupons for the free triscuit!

    2. The zone bars were good! Almost forgot those. I would have liked to see stuff for fast meals like rice, or even the combells new suace packs where you just at meat or veggies. This felt more like... Breakfast on the run and use this spice at dinner lol

    3. that would've definitely been a more accurate title description for the box. I like it!