Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cravebox Bikini Ready

Cravebox isn't a monthly subscription service they just send of boxes of really cool stuff if you are lucky enough to get picked.  Here's how it works.  Sign up on their website to be notified when a box becomes available they will send you an email telling you the drawing is open and what the price of the box will be.  If you choose to enter you will get an email about a week later telling you if you've been chosen or not.  They don't tell you what's in the box, just the theme of the box.  When you enter the drawing they also have you fill out a survey about various products you may or may not use.  This will kind of give you a hint of what may be in the box. A lot of times they also have an option where you can purchase the box right then for a couple of dollars more than the drawing price. I used this option for the Cooking Light Box because I really wanted those boxes.

The price of this box was $13.

These boxes are available in the US only and ship from Aurora, Colorado. 

The good: 

Themed Boxes: While you don't know what exactly is coming in your box you know the general theme and the price it will be.  

The price: I don't think.  It ranges from $10-$18 but they always tell you what the price will be before you enter.   

Referral program: If someone lists your user name as a referral you earn points which may get you a free box.  Also it's retroactive meaning you can add someones user name even if you signed up months ago.  I wish it were clickable link but it's very cool none the less. My user name is pixiepower. 

The not so good: 

Value. Once the value didn't add up (read my Cooking Light Selects Box Review). 

Bikini Ready box.

Contents of box with approximate retail value listed: 

The Fast Metabolism Diet book. Value = $26.00

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail appliques. Value = $9.99

Zone Perfect Chocolate Caramel Cluster bar. Value = $1.58

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit. Value = $5.99

.06 oz. Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil. Value = $0.49

.06 oz. Weleda Arnica Massage Oil. Value = $0.38

.13 oz. Weleda Wild Rose Lotion. Value = $0.32 - This smelled like roses but I didn't think it was very moisturizing.

.13 oz. Weleda Pomegranate Lotion. Value = $0.32 - I didn't think this smelled like pomegranates

Gift Card for GymPact. Value = $5.00

The total value of the Bikini Ready Cravebox is $50.07.  I was super excited when I opened this box. I had actually seen this book online the day before I received this package and thought it looked interesting. I knew some type of diet book was coming in this box and I thought wow, that would be cool if this book was in it. I was stoked when I saw it in the box and not only was it in the box the release date isn't until April 9th so we got it early. I've received the Sally Hansen nail things before and I actually liked them.  It was a fun way to get funky nails without paying a fortune.  The Weleda samples are super small but I appreciate them none-the-less. I knew some type of waxing product would be included and I'm sure I'll use it at some point on my eyebrows. I downloaded the GymPact app awhile back but haven't used it yet.  It's pretty cool though. You basically put money in your account saying you will go to the gym. If you don't go you lose the money if you go then you don't lose anything. Those who honor their gym commitment will get paid the money those who didn't go lost.  It only works on smartphones with GPS and recently they allowed places other than traditional gyms to be included.    

Verdict: Love this box!

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