Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bag Borrow or Steal purchase

I've been purchasing from Bag Borrow or Steal since 2009.  Originally the site started as a place to rent designer handbags, jewelry and shoes.  (They were mentioned in the movie Sex in the City).  They cool thing about this company is that they also sell the designer treasures as a very nicely discounted price!  The company also sends emails every now and them with codes for extra discounts.  Woo Hoo more savings!  Did I mention standard is shipping is free for purchases?  The company guarantees the authenticity of the items which is something you don't get from eBay or private sellers.  In addition to renting and buying you can also sell your designer items to them.  I have never rented or sold anything so I can't attest to that process but I have purchased items from them and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the product quality and price.

This is a ring I purchased a few months ago but I thought I would share.    

This Miriam Haskell Ring caught my attention right away.  The retail price of this ring is $280.00 and BBOS had it for $110.00 then they marked it down even more to just $55.00.  I couldn't pass this up at 80% off! 

Verdict: Like designer purses but don't like designer prices? Check out BBOS for terrific prices!  

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