Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Little Black Bag

I haven't opened a Little Black Bag in awhile but I saw something I just couldn't resist. There have been a lot of changes going on with Little Black Bag and honestly it's too much to keep track of especially when I didn't have an open bag to worry about. 

Most of you are probably familiar with the basics of Little Black Bag and they trading concept so I won't go over that. Here are the changes I think are important to know.

The cost of the bag depends on what you open with. The bag I opened today was $49.95 and the item I opened it with had a starting value of $65.00. I was playing around today and saw a bracelet I liked for $15.00 and to open a bag would be $11.95 - not a bad deal. Trading is still 7 days regardless of the value.

Existing members are automatically VIP members. The basics of the VIP memberships is that you are charged $9.95 a month which you can put towards a bag or save your credits and open a bag when you're ready. Now I believe members that existed before the change have the ability to skip the month and not be charged the $9.95. I'm not sure if that option is available to those who signed up before the change

Shipping is $5.95 in the US except Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO and Puerto Rico is $11.95 and Canada is $15.95.

Returns/Exchanges - This is the biggest change. From what I understand you can still exchange items and once they receive it you will be given a gallery of items to choose from. So instead of Little Black Bag picking a random item you get to pick your own. If you have an open bag it will be added to the bag if you don't have an open bag you just pay shipping to have it shipped to you. Depending on what the return is this may or not be worth it. If you are exchanging an item because it's damaged it works the same way except you don't pay shipping. Returns work the same as before I think meaning you get a refund depending on what you paid.

This time around I found trading to be really slow. Whereas before I could hardly keep up with all the trades and I felt like I was constantly trading items, this time I would be lucky if I did one trade a day.  

The good: 

Like to shop? It's fun looking though the gallery and picking out treasures. As I said trading has really slowed down so don't expect a whole bunch of trading going on.  

The value:  Your bag is guaranteed to be worth more than you paid.    

The brands. The brands range from very well known to not so well known with price ranges to match and they are always adding more.  Also they add new products two times a week.       

Multiple treasures:  You can score multiple treasures and use them for gifts at a fraction of the cost. 

Variety. They have handbags, sunglasses, cell phone cases, iPad cases, earrings, wallets, nail polish, home :items, etc.  You will find something you like. 

The price:  Depending on what you open your bag with the price is very fair.

Received your items but didn't like it:  LBB will let you return the item for an exchange or refund.  The exchange process has changed slightly but I returned something from this bag so we will see how it goes.

The not so good:

Pictures: They show pictures of the items and list the sizes but I would like to see them on a model (real or fake) to see the scale.  I have received a couple of pairs of earrings that were bigger than I thought they were going to be.   

Want more, more more?:  For now you can only open one bag at a time however there is no limit to the number of bag you can open.  

My new super cute Hello Kitty tote bag!

Headband, cuff and socks.

All my Little Black Bag Treasures with retail price listed:

Hello Kitty Quilted Face Bag. Value = $65.00 - This was my pick. I couldn't resist it. The teenager made a comment that girls at her school have Hello Kitty bags. I said "what are you saying" She said "That you buy the same stuff as a teenage girl." I see nothing wrong with this.  

Pink Pewter Dakota Feather Headband. Value = $30.00

Lemon Footie Socks. Value = $8.00

a.v. Max Embellished cuff. Value = $48.00

The total ending value of my LBB is $151.00. This included a VIP gift ($10) and a referral item ( $24, Thanks Julianne R.) which I ended up trading the VIP item for the $8 socks and the referral item which were earrings for the $30 headband. I absolutely love the Hello Kitty bag and the headband. I originally had some knee socks as my VIP item but thought I would get more use from the socks so I traded. I traded for the embellished cuff which I thought I would like but I don't like the way it looks on so I'm returning it. I'll be real curious to see how the returns work.

Verdict: Even with all the changes I still enjoy Little Black Bag

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  1. Luv ur handbag! Use 2 b addicted 2 LBB. Gave it a break when the tote I bought stunk and others had the same issue. Not 2 mention so few items for sale these days on their site and very little trading. Did ur bag smell ok? I've been tempted to try again because of the Hello Kitty items! Enjoy ur bag, it's so CUTE! :)

    1. I had heard about the stinky bag issue awhile back. I couldn't resist this bag though and it didn't stink at all. It didn't have any plastic or chemical smell to it. I'm using it as a work bag right now, I love it! I haven't bought anything from LBB in while but in addition to this bag I opened another bag a week ago. I couldn't resist the promo they were doing with the buy a pair of shoes get a handbag for free. I got an an awesome Deux Lux bag but was able to trade it for an even more awesome Deux Lux bag. Still have a day and half of trading so we will see what happens.

    2. They added ur HK bag back to inventory and it's in my bag, LOL. I rec'd a we want u back $10 coupon, so it was hard to resist since it s/o b4 I could get 1 last time. Trading is so slow compared to last summer! Will it pick up on the 1st? I thought after they had a tv ad things would pick up 4 sure! I haven't been able to trade anything and it's been 2 days :( Do u still like ur HK bag, any compliments? I know hubby will probably roll his eyes at me and say it's a bag for a 9 yr old, but I luv it, LOL. Now I remember why I stayed away for months, cause this is so addictive, there is another bag and shoes I want and debating whether or not to add to bag or wait to open another bag risking it being s/o, oh my! How's the quality of the Trump bags? I'm so tempted by that line!

    3. I love that bag and yes I get lots of compliments on it. I use it as my work bag and the girls at work said it makes them smile. Who doesn't love HK? So what if I'm a 38 year old woman, Hello Kitty is awesome. I hear trading is better at the begining of the month but I've noticed the slowness also. I haven't used the Trump bag yet because the teenager was eyeballing it when I opened it so I might save it as a gift. I was really impressed with how well made it is. The buckles are sturdy and the bag itself feels really strong and well made. I'm partial to Coach but I'm really liking and impressed with the Trump line. The only downfall is they aren't real leather which I prefer because it will last longer but they don't cost as much as real leather, so it's a trade off.