Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Conscious Box - Classic Box

Conscious box now offers 3 types of boxes. The classic, vegan and gluten free.  Each box contains a wide variety of items from food to beauty products to household goodies.  The price is $19.95 a month with shipping included. They also have a 3, 6 and 12 months plans. The 12 month plan is the only one that offers a discount.

There have been a lot of discount floating around for Conscious Box. I wasn't super impressed with the gluten free box but I knew I liked the classic box. I happen to find a code that offered 50% off any subscription which made a yearly subscription $115.00 or less than $10 a month. Sounded like a great deal to me! 

The good:

Variety: You get a wide variety of items and the box was packed!

Vegan: If your vegan the vegan box is great for you.

Gluten free: If you live a gluten free life the gluten free box would be great for you.

The not so good:

The price: It's on the high side for subscription boxes but I would consider this a specialty box for sure.

Skip: Currently no option to skip a month

Classic Conscious Box.

Contents of box w/approximate retail price listed:

4 oz. bottle of Safonique Lavender Sea laundry detergent. Value = $0.48 - I really enjoy this laundry soap. It makes my clothes fluffy and smells like lavender. 

Peter Rabbit Banana & Apple fruit snack. Value = $1.79

2.25 oz. Lafes deodorant stick. Value = $4.50

1 pouch NurturMe Plump Peas dried organic baby food. Value = $1.25

.24 oz. Totlogic body lotion. Value $0.46 - This is ok, doesn't feel very moisturizing to me but of course I don't have baby skin anymore either.

Seventh Generation Mandarin Facial Cloth. Value = $0.20

2 pk QSpeed CoQ10 supplement. Value = $1.25

Celestial Seasonings wellness tea Green Tea 2 tea bags. Value = $0.17/ea.

6 tabs Earthwise Spirulina. Value = $0.12/ea.

Sappo Hill Soap. Value = $0.70

Coromega Omega 3+D supplement. Value = $0.38 - I have some of this I take several times a week. It's like a little omega3 shot.

.88 oz. Organic Food Bar. Value = $1.10

MRM Whey Rich Vanilla Protein mix. Value = $2.99

The value of my classic box is $16.16.  The only thing I won't use is the baby food mix. I know the Peter Rabbit product is for kids also but I've tried it before and I personally liked it. A couple of the items I've received before but I liked them so I'm ok with that. I'm very curious about the facial cloth sounds like it's going to smell good, hope it works.

Verdict: I subscribed to this on on an annual basis because the price was great!

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