Saturday, March 16, 2013

Original OG Sack

A while back I received a discount code for $30.00 off the purchase of The Original OG Sack from my KlutchClub Box.  I didn't plan on using the coupon but I went to the website to check out their bags and I liked the concept. 

OG stands for original green which is the principal element in all their designs.  They feel reducing your carbon footprint shouldn't entail carrying a poorly made tote bag decorated with a trite design.  Now while I agree with the poorly made part I disagree with the second part.  I happen to like some of the trite designs on my poorly made grocery bags. 

The folks at OG put a lot of thought into the design of their bags.  The made in inside liner removable and washable.  The bag itself has a wide body with a slim design so it fits into gym lockers.  It has a convertible strap so you can carry your bag as a tote, backpack or messenger bag.  Last but not least for each OG purchased one bag will be planted in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. 

The bags range in price from $75.00-$80.00 and come in 6 different colors.  I choose the olive colored sack. 

This is the actual bag.  As you can see it had lots of storage pockets.  

This is the bottom of the bag.  It's pretty wide to hold lots of stuff.  

This is the bag of the bag with the padded backpack straps.  There is also a removable strap to make it tote or messenger style.  

This is the inside.  It's hard to tell but the bag is pretty deep and the lining actually pulls up a little bit to give you extra room if you need it (kind of like expanding your luggage using the zipper).  The liner has a string closure mechanism and is removable and machine washable.  

This bag was way better than expected.  I haven't actually used it yet but it seems really durable and well made.  I will probably use it for camping or taking with me on bike rides.  The other cool this about this is you can buy an optional insert to make your back into a cooler.  That would be perfect for picnics or camping or just taking to your friends back yard BBQ.  

Verdict: I really like this bag and I have a feeling I'm going to find many uses for it.  

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Original OG Sack.  I purchased this item myself.  

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